The owner of this dog didn't want How a little microchip changed this 5 months ago   04:14

Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel
Special thanks to Blue the Pit Bull for helping us save Pirate!
I just posted another video on our website:

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King cat
Exactly like My dog who had I before 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😘😘😘😘Help please Pirate cutiest dog
Kathy Florcruz
Nothing wrong with a pirate dog. Ive had 3 & a totally blind one. All rescues. Pugs & 2 Papillions. They are nothing but love as long as you have the patience.
Peter Walker
Aghrrrr, ya scurvy dog!
I fear for the new dog of the original owner of Pirate, once that dog is older or sick or injured. or he just tires of the dog.
Bee Smart
I would never have abandoned this cute, sweet pup. He’s adorable. The owner got rid of this wonderful dog. Dog’s also form attachments. How cruel to do this to this lovely animal. Poor suffering pup.
Such people who simply expose an animal because they are tired of it ... or because they have hurt the animal and then want to get rid of it, should be punished with the full force of the law! An animal is not a disposable item! Such types should be locked rigeros in jail with water and bread! These are just asocial elements that deserve no mercy! What a brave little dog ... who carries more dignity than his previous owner!
Regina L.
My former boss took in a rescue from a shelter. He brought her to work often. Marnie took a bit of time to get used to him, and to us, but once she started trusting us, she came to us for snuggles. She later had to have one eye removed, because of cancer, but having one eye did not dampen her spirit. She's in doggie heaven now, but I will always remember that sweet, sweet girl. Rip, Marnie.
EthanGV -Gaming and vlogs
The dogs that u have rescued were adorable
Gacha Foxy
how could his owner leave a cute and innocent puppy .0. I want to find his owner and kill him
ayesha G. channel
You should go around the world to save many animal specially on Philippine because there lots homeless dog in Philippine that need help...
Kim Tran
I hope the owner’s family abandons him as he gets older, so he can have a taste of his own medicine.
Maryn me And Bailey
If there are any problems with poor dogs or animals I will definitely tell you and you guys are very awesome and helpful I will definitely want to join when I’m older
Cecilia Ramos
The owner should be forced to pay all of the dogs medical bills. What a piece of garbage.
Rohini Pathak
Linda Roy
Despicable human beings do not deserve the pure love of a dog. May they reap the same treatment.
Maria Magicroar
Its so sad that there are dog owners in the area so why they didnt take care of him also as a part of the family
• Lovrine of Doggos •
A'hoy maty!!
Welcome Aboard to Hope for Paws!!
A loving and caring group who helps animals around the world!!!
Cheers to the Captain!!
Sophia Gunawan
Pirate ❤❤❤
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How a little microchip changed this The owner of this dog didn't want 5 months ago   05:48

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