Think Positive Thoughts- Positively! How to Stay Motivated During Tough 4 months ago   03:22

The Daily Locker Room You have total control over your thinking. So when you find yourself disliking the content of your thoughts, instead of trying to stop yourself from thinking a thought, try to direct your thoughts.

The way to direct your thinking is by asking yourself a question. A question gets your mind going in a new direction without suppressing what you're already thinking. The kind of question you ask makes the difference. If you ask, "Why is this happening to me," your answers won't help you.

The idea is to direct your mind by asking questions that put your attention on practical things, on accomplishments, on the future. If you find yourself worrying, for example, ask yourself something like, "How can I make myself stronger or better able to deal with this?" or "Can I get busy right now working on my goal - so busy I forget all about my worries?" or, "Is there some planning I can do now that will save me time later?" or even the question, "What is my goal?"

This will help turn the tide of your thoughts and bring you into a new state of mind because you're thinking positively. When you do that, you'll living your very best life!

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Marcelo Martins
I have to say you´re awesome and I would recommend this to many co-workes of mine cause I am on vocation now and I try to work out not just my boddy but the most importante I am alawys searching for amazing couching like this to make me a better person.
thanks for the help.
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How to Stay Motivated During Tough Think Positive Thoughts- Positively! 4 months ago   03:37

It’s easy to become discouraged during hard times. Increased problems, such as job insecurity, fear of the unknown and everyday stress, can lead to anxiety and depression. Plan for success and overcome adversity with my FREE guide:

When so much is out of your hands, it’s important to remember what is in your control. Positive thinking is a strong force everyone can tap into. Do your thoughts nurture you and bring you hope for your future? If not, create a healthy belief system. Think uplifting thoughts, choose uplifting feelings and focus on creative ideas.

Toxic thoughts create toxic emotions. If you think fear, you will feel fearful. If you think you’re desperate, you will feel desperate. You can set yourself up for a good life or a life of failure. Here are some tips to help you with thinking positively and dreaming about a happy future, even in tough times. What do you have to lose?

Let’s make one thing clear at the beginning. Life is a continuous succession of both small and large problems. They never end. No sooner do you get control of one situation when you are hit by another. Life is a process of “two steps forward and one step back.” When you become a great success, you simply exchange one type of problem for another. No matter how smart and clever and careful you are, you’ll face challenges, difficulties and sometimes-heartbreaking adversities every day, week and month of your life.

And thank heaven for that! You couldn’t possibly have become the person you are today if you had not had to contend with adversity on your way up. Perhaps your chief aim in life and in your definition of great success is to develop a noble character, to become an excellent human being, to become everything you are capable of becoming. Only by contending with challenges that seem to be beyond your strength to handle at the moment can you grow more surely toward the stars and build upon your pillars of character.

There is a saying that tough times don't last but tough people do. In other words, if you can cope during the hard times, then you are going to be in a great position to make the most of the good times when they return.


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