Fisher - Stop It Denis Sulta - It's Only 1 day ago   02:44

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*one water please*
Agus Chiribao
not really into this genre but boy love this one!
ery wag
Dope 😍😏
This tune reminds of peaky blinders idk why
old asf but also gold asf
Can someone tell me the sub-genre of house music this is please
looking for water..
That pic though......Sausage party
Daniel Ramirez
Woooooow ❤👅✌
Space Cees
Could be better
Better release his new Song Burnin' Up or whatever it's called everyone who's been to a club knows this song inside out haha
YahIm LookinAtU
🎶🎵move it⬆and⬇↪to↪like a 🎢lol🎵🎶
stephanie croucher
Tony Montana
Fisher u re the best one!
Robin Hood
Never understood why this song isn't called "Rollercoaster".
Soul's House
Hmm we feel something Fishy 🐟here
that high dude on the bottom of pic THO xD
Adam Molotov
It's shit... Ne-e-ext!...
a little late, but vibe still with FIRE🔥🔥
Роман Павлов
Fisher - Loosing It is better bomb!!!
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Denis Sulta - It's Only Fisher - Stop It 1 day ago   06:54

Denis Sulta - It's Only Real
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Denis Sulta - It's Only Real - Released 3rd December 2015

For our final record of the year, we turn to Glasgow's man of the year - Denis Sulta.

Like a good chunk of the Numbers family, he has earnt his stripes working at the coalface of techno aka Rubadub. He has crafted two excellent twelves for our bare-chested cousins at Dixon Avenue Basement Jams and is beginning to carve himself out a reputation as a DJ of some repute, expertly blending in the bangers with Sulta-certified weirdness. Denis is part of a new wave of Glaswegian artists who are doing amazing things and whose music is continuously exciting us.

‘It’s Only Real’ created by Sulta during a burst of inspiration one Sunday, takes us back to a time when techno was intricately melodic but still kicked hard in the club. Made with only the purest of intentions and a dedication to the art of moving heads and feet.

It's Only Real is released on vinyl and digitally in early December.