The Game OLD Michael Jordan SHUTS The Game That Made Tracy 2 months ago   07:52

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38 Yr-Old Michael Jordan Full Game Highlights | Washington Wizards vs Charlotte Hornets | December 29, 2001 | 2001-02 NBA Season | HOH Throwback
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عبدالله قطر
scores 51 on his team
Kobe vs MJ were the days...
Ricardo Tobias
His fundamentals are so perfect and it make it look easy at 38. Definitely the Goat 🐐 🔥
Yeah, we all already know he is the GOAT.
The best mid-range game of all time, and it's really not even close. His footwork was flawless. That fadeaway was a work of art.
Didn’t Kobe score like 60+ points in his last game?
Christian Rosa
Thanks recommended highlight move had me hooked already
Dredoc Miller
This Michael Jordan kid is gonna be something good one day I'm tellin yall
A few years later, he literally "owned" the opposing team
NBA-38歲的「高齡」,還能全場拿到51分,而且沒有三分球,真的是永遠的神。For M.J.
Rock Lan
I wish Jordan produces an heir who can take over for him lol, wishful thinking...:{
Enrico Ramos
Owned charlotte.. literally
Dorky Town
MJ is like a flood. You see the move coming but your still not stopping it. His patented post up to fade away is mostly money
Mark Anthony
he shoots such low percentage mid range shots
Age doesnt matter 😊
Frederick Jones
So Jordan own the Hornets before he own the Hornets lol
Cody MacCarroll
Damn I bet that Indiana game pissed him off so much
Vaughn Miller
Biggest ball-hog to ever live.
We still haven't and i don't think we ever will see a player like Michael Jordan ever again. He was literally the best at the game.
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The Game That Made Tracy The Game OLD Michael Jordan SHUTS 2 months ago   07:11

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