The Game OLD Michael Jordan SHUTS The Game That Made Tracy 5 months ago   07:52

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38 Yr-Old Michael Jordan Full Game Highlights | Washington Wizards vs Charlotte Hornets | December 29, 2001 | 2001-02 NBA Season | HOH Throwback
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3:49 MJ straight bodied that guy lmao. MJ was a problem even at this age. MJ still played like he did in the 80's and 90's. The fundamentals were real. The youngings didn't know how to deal with it lol. Even if you foul MJ most of time he gets And 1's 😂. I think he'll kill in today's league but that's my opinion
Jaws 3
Imagine if LeBron retired 3 times? Heads wold explode! "Make up your mind, drama queen!" LOL!
Did the commentator just Call MJ a future HOFFer? Thats... almost disrespectful
Jose Castillo
It's sad to think there are people who missed watching him in the 90s.
Johnny Clash
5:27 left hanging lol...
When basketball was basketball.
Edison Dionzon
O assist👎👎
Freddie Ladapo
Jordan is overrated
The White Wolf
He made the game look so easy. That’s tuff
Kawhi plays offense like 38 year old MJ.
Bustin Jieber
Still not better than lebron
Theo Hanna
This started a run that boosted the Wizards to 4th or 3rd in the East and Jordan was on pace to average 25-5-5. Then Jared fucking Jeffries happened.
Alexandre Masseron
Kawhi look this now...
Clutch Boook
That one game vs that one fucker on 2k after going on a little streak lmao
Kuri Bu
I tell you, i'm seeing shades of kobe right there.
A Nigga
Moses Devadass
As a bulls fan I’m thankful we drafted him. But tbh I can’t really imagine him in a better jersey...Chicago and Jordan just match well
Daw Mingsi
im just 24 days old in this game hahaha
Joaquin PesadaVEVO
Lebron can do this
James Goines
"If Jordan scored all the points they probably would still win"

It is a high possibility
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The Game That Made Tracy The Game OLD Michael Jordan SHUTS 5 months ago   07:11

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