The Game OLD Michael Jordan SHUTS The Game That Made Tracy 2 days ago   07:52

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38 Yr-Old Michael Jordan Full Game Highlights | Washington Wizards vs Charlotte Hornets | December 29, 2001 | 2001-02 NBA Season | HOH Throwback
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brs rafal
he could of scored a lot more if he was more aggresive played more minutes prob beat his career hi .
38 years old ( actually only a couple weeks from 39) scores 51 on 55% shooting.....
Then next game goes for 45 on 50% shooting......
Then next game against the bulls no less gets 29...
Man...... so it's true lavar ball would beat this Michael guy one-on-one.......
Jim Beam
Always cracked me up how commentators during his last seasons ranted about Jordon not being the player he was, when his minutes were just about the same per game and he averaged near 27 PPG and 22 and 20 his last seasons. Most NBA players would love to have those PPG Averages at any point in their career. Also, his stats didn't fall off a bunch even is last few years playing 82 games 2 out of the last 3. He still had a lot to contribute and it was great to see how far he took it, while doing something he obviously had passion for.
Give me this taped up non-swollen knee Jordan over anyone in the league at that time -

unto the present day.
Any and everyone who says his time with the Wizards was a waste

doesn't know anything about basketball and should be dismissed.
Corey Cooper
Imagine if he would have went to a legit team those last 2 years. He’d probably have 2 more rings.
Don Killuminati
probably the best midrange shooter of all time
Alex the Lego guy
At this point... you put a hand up and guard as best as you can and HOPE bad luck strikes!

Michael is THE man!
Zef Jedi
Glad i was named after this man!!!!
Zef Jedi
saketh kukunuru
He has owned the Hornets since then.
maedele lawhorn
I feel so sorry for byron Davis vs Michael throughout his career
Arjay Ragada
This is the only player that we should say greatest player of all time.. No doubt
Izzy Izzerton
2:28 when people say old players would never cry about foul calls. That was barely a touch.
Lisa Robinson
The Best All Around Player The G.O.A.T. PERIOD MICHAEL JORDAN NUFF SAID ❤💛❣
Han Wang
everyone try to be MJ, but there is only one MJ.
Cobra Kai
Yea besides what he did in Chicago this puts the cherry on top he is definitely the best there is there best there was and the best there ever will b
andrea escano
the best mvp legend👍 the best 23👍
Amazing. The thing I missed most during that era is no HD. Definitely a treat to watch all that finesse in HD.
Chris Middleton
Derrick rose scores 50 and starts crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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The Game That Made Tracy The Game OLD Michael Jordan SHUTS 2 days ago   07:11

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