Mueller report: What next Kellyanne Conway's husband calls 1 day ago   11:34

BBC Newsnight
Special Counsel Mueller's redacted report into Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election has been released.
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Mr Mueller's report says he found no criminal conspiracy between Mr Trump's campaign and Russia, but could not reach a concrete legal conclusion on whether Mr Trump tried to obstruct the investigation.

The report also reveals that Mr Mueller examined 10 actions by the president in regards to obstruction of justice, which he said largely "took place in public view."

Kirsty Wark is joined by Chatham House’s Amy Pope, former adviser at the Department of Homeland Security, Lauren Claffey and Watergate prosecutor Richard Ben-Veniste.

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W and S
This can not be compared to Clinton and sex in the oval office. This is on par with Watergate, actually worse. Unpopular with whom? the people that put him in there? As far as I can tell it wasn't won fair and square anyway. THAT'S at the crux of this. Trump is a street thug. The majority of the people want him out. That's why there was the blue wave.
Soo wait. So BBC is reporting fake news all along???
Brian Lawrence
No collusion a total illegal investigation and the BBC careful choice of the people who are still undermining the president. The investigators are going to be investigated. People have been fired who led this yes witch hunt against the President. BBC is totally biased.
What's next is the IG report and approximately 85 different investigations against the Hillary camp and the Obama administration. How electable is Biden going to be then.
Justice Dept doesn't exonerate! LOL a bungled coup d'tate requires severe justice.
Jobs mine
Me and my entire family are black and never had voted before. But we are Americans by heart and are Christians. But these days the left are looking crazy and lawless we are voting for Trump 2020. Economy, Education, Security, Freedom and Peace ✌️ is only guaranteed under President Trump. MAGA USA 🇺🇸 #TRUMP2020
v lorenzo
"What's next"? Is Trump 2020 you morons!!!
sulfier bloodline
Bbc you will go down the same as Are Communist left wing news outlets in America ✊✊✊
Maxx Hill
So if Trump has putting national security at risk but Hillary didn't with a personal server?
Andreas Engeli
Here's your collusion with Russia gur American people are asleep and delusional.
John Thomas
Nader looks like a pedaphile.
Rani Rich
Can Media Be Prosecuted for Being Unregistered Foreign Agents? The answer is YES!!!
M Agoston
I have never listened to a more brain dead group of people discuss a serious issue. Hey I'm telling you Trump obstructed is this possible when the charges against him were found unwarranted?!!! How stupid are you people?!! You can't obstruct justice if you weren't guilty of a crime! Hey I'm investigating you because I believe you are a commie...ok fine...two years later...well ok you aren't a commie there is zero evidence that you are ....BUT ...I'm going to claim you obstructed my investigation to keep this whole thing going till election time. That is all this is about the whole thing was a witch hunt they came up with zero so now its obstruction. Well fk all of you CS on the Left you are now impeding the United States of America from succeeding! We have very serious real problems to confront...and you mfers are not doing your jobs! You will NOT get our guns because it looks to this American we are going to have to use them! The Left wants this mess to torment to a civil war they have no idea what they are bargaining hillbillies do all the fighting in every war. So just say when I'm confident it will be over very quick.
geoff mcintosh
democrats are grasping at straws..again.  The only connection with Russia is with the Clinton foundation.
The DOJ rules had no part in Mueller's decision. He simply didn't have the evidence.
scott d
enough said
Jonathan Wellman
If he confesses now,and forfeiture of all assets is given,I could see a 10,000 year probation.
Semisi Tuineau
Who is that ugly bitch saying impeach Trump she's a fucking witch that needs a make over ugly cow
ndumiso mkhonta
this old grany is crazy
mike kiely
The DNC should be forced to
pay the entire cost of the Russia probe since Clinton, Obama and Nancy Pelosi
fed this corruption and coerced our federal service bureaus to corrupt the law.

they all should be indicted and their assets need
to be seized and forfeiture laws need to apply according to proceeds of crime
taxpayers need be exonerated.

the original was just released by WikiLeaks read it
yourself and everyone needs to realize these are democrats not trumps allies.

ps: China and Russia really could care less who
pretends to run the new world disorder they are seriously making their own
monetary trade plans successful.
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Kellyanne Conway's husband calls Mueller report: What next 1 day ago   03:48

George Conway, the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, is calling for impeachment following the release of the redacted Mueller report. CNN's Brian Todd reports. #CNN #News