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More robot dinosaurs and such. They fear....Nothing.

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Shouldn't there be a disclaimer under the flying one, that it isn't actually capable of achieving flight ?
King Stratos
Pre Zoids it is then.
It's a shame, I could never understand why ZOIDS didn't do too well. I had loads and they were f***ing awesome. Should be up there with Transformers.
Keith Wilson
I remember having the pterodactyl looking one.
@dragonphoenix132 Get your facts straight: in 1982 Tomy released Mechabonica in Japan, the precursor of Zoids. Three robots in that line were re-released as Zoids: Garius, Elephantus and Glidoler. Mechabonica was also released in Spain as Starzeta (by Feber).

In 1983 they released Zoids in the U.S. and in Japan!

Robo Strux were released in 1985/1986 and were rereleases of the Japanese Zoids!
@baraki808 Dude, these came out before Zoids were even a glimmer in Japans eyes. I had one of these toys when I was 8.
ok the american name for zoids is retarded why the hell did they even change it zoids is not a bad name ! its just that american want all theirs stuff to be american even if it is not theirs!
I used to have a lot of those, including Terox, the tyrannosaurus. Great toys.
No zoids came first. Robostrux was the American version of zoids released in the
80's. They had different names and colors from the original Japanese versions. :)
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80's Commercials Vol. 13 80's Robostrux Commercial 2 4 months ago   10:10

Here are some kid-oriented commercials that aired on KBHK TV 44 and ABC in 1988.

1. Army Ants (This is the best commercial ever! Grab the eggs!!)
2. Groove Tube (What are the point of toys like this? I don't even think my cat would be interested in this for more than a minute, tops)
3. Head Master Transformers (They've got the power to surprise!)
4. Transformers Target Master Seacons and Sparkobots (Piranhacon! Awesome. I love the little animated bubble effects in this commercial)
5. Froot Loops (The animation in this is pretty damn good for a cereal commercial)
6. "Joking Around with the Little Clowns" (A recurring commercial break on ABC's Saturday Morning Lineup)
7. Hi-C (Awesome!)
8. Promo for the "Walt Disney World Happy Easter Parade" (With Joan Lunden and Alan Thicke)
9. Scoots (If I ever see a gang of preschoolers on scooters I'm running like Hell in the other direction)
10. Oreo Cookies
11. Giggles Cookies (That wiseguy on the left is probably working for the Mob right now)
12. McDonald's (I always find myself "Doing the Arches" and getting strange looks from people)
13. Dinosaur Report (Look for the Readasaurus in your town, and keep reading!)
14. 976 Number (So the guy in the animation drowns? Great story there)
15. 976 Number (I just can't get over how tasteless these are. Think of how many kids dialed without their parents permission to hear some crappy puppets on an answering machine)
16. Baskin Robbins Baseball Helmet Sundaes (I totally remember eating chocolate ice cream out of a Mets Helmet)
17. Pogo Bal Blaster (Why didn't this revolutionary alternate mode of transportation ever take off?)
18. Ertl Toy Airplanes, Cars and Trucks (I love the image of Air Force Admirals playing with toy airplanes)
19. After Burner by Sega (If you play the arcade version with the moving joystick, watch out for your teeth!)
20. Candilicious (Candy commercials in the 80's were acid trips)
21. Cocoa Pebbles (If one of my friends tried to steal cereal from me on MORE THAN ONE occasion, they would no longer be my friend!)
22. Dino-Riders (I want to live inside of these commercials)