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update: NEW VIDEO: Actual Cebu Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX) 2018 Construction Updates

OPENING in 2021! in time for the celebration of 500th anniversary of the birth of Christianity in the country and will also mark 500 years since Portuguese-born, Spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan arrived in the country (BATTLE OF MACTAN).


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ssc wake Up
NEW VIDEO: Actual Cebu Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX) 2018 Construction Updates
Jd F
No smoking daw Sabi ni jokeno Ang magandang ginawa ni digong lol
Jave Xtian
yea i knew it they used circular cofferdam.. and some piles foundations much better if battered piles bcause of water current and deeps then connect it usually of some precast materials
228 who disliked this are LPigs and NPAs.
dyvid riz rocamora
froilan anthony
keep on updating cebu cordova bridge with real time or live drone shots. and all govt projects big and small. if you smell something fishy, spread it or report it.
Bernald Tibia
nice cebu
nrf abenoja
puhon taga new year mag fireworks display sa tulay nice
Louie Esguerra
Anhi gani mo dri sa davao. Limpyo gyod ang syodad dri kay maayo man pagdala
Louie Ebrano
where those people saying its an imagination tell your comments now ..
manamana tibatiba
Lahat ng kaso ng buil build build i apload para makita ng iba para malaman ng iba kung anong klaseng leader si duterte. Kasi para heto eto lumalabas sa TV ang nmga to eh
joan janao
Wow great ! Super great atleast we knew wer d pipols taxes go! Its abt time almost 500yrs ago.
Nelson Rosben
Manuel Mayo
How about the Mactan Reef? The expressway will cut right through the corals which are the main source of fishing for the local community.
MhaeAnn Amaro
Bakit walang lumalabas na balita about dito? Why??? Why??? Why????????
Algin Aguilar
Naku naman iyak nanaman si boy panot
OMG super ganda
Danny Saipan
We should be thankful to this admin for making progress on these proj and many to come..
Danny Saipan
Weather whose proposal is this project, the thing is, it was being materialize by this admin, Du30. May God bless u more tatay Digong.
SB Flores
Mangyari nawa.
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