a Short Walk in Istanbul (Bazaar) ISTANBUL REPORTAZA 1 day ago   30:16

keezi walks

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Grand Bazar good for buyers , bad for merchants . Too many stores similar products under one roof. No one going to make profits
nora arrowood
this is old video
Anna Ket
Mary Silva
Venha conhecer Minas gerais Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷 são João del rei cidades históricas
wodasi in North Dakota USA Charlebois
lots of penguins their hands are too short to reach their pockets ,,heh...
Travel The World
Great trip! We had a recent trip to Istanbul also..The food is just AMAZING! https://ai-tube.com/videoai/QQjiguLwxr4
Colorful Mind
No Turks on the streets😂
I love turkey I was there two times in 1990
nor suzana Khamaruddin
Ayed MM
Dave Nix
Reminds me so much like my old peshawar city!
nevruze hoxha
Jane 4 mije dyqane, po u fute aty,zor se e gjen rrugen per te dale !!
Mirza Danish
I like istanbul my whatsapp number 00923055847510
peter melian
Most beautiful Istanbul and its folks. Charming place. Wishing them the best.
Asiya K
Very beautiful bazaar. I always get lost in this bazaar. Very huge. I love istanbul
Amazing video. I wonder how you film without anybody taking notice of it. Also it is intersting to watch that no matter where you are, people seems not to take notice of you. :-) You sort of hide in the crowd. How do you do that?
blue bird
this  remind   me   of  Baghdad  Iraq .  there  were  a  short  walk  to  shorja   in  Baghdad   and  this  is  exact  the  same  thing   back  in  a  days .
Zoya Abbasi
Beautiful city respect from pakistan☺
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ISTANBUL REPORTAZA a Short Walk in Istanbul (Bazaar) 1 day ago   10:17