Watch Leo Varadkar and Donald Tusk A United Ireland? Some Northern 2 months ago   08:17

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Lynda Kierans
Ah the Don and his Rent boy Leo .power to the people fuck EU
Varadkar is a total wanker having his 5mins of fame...hes an embarrassment
123 456
Fuck Donald tuthk. The EU ith tho dithguthting and corrupt.
George Lambert
If Varadkar stopped grinning he might realise that he is ment to represent the people of Ireland not the EU, the men and women of the uprising would be ashamed to see him and his kind sell Ireland to the EU
John Higgins
Leo and Donald....a partnership made in heaven..!!
Damie Houlihan
leo the greedy sock puppet, all leo is short of doing is killing the guys ass
Lynda Kierans
Tusk and his Rent Boy Leo, fuck the EU, power to the people
Joe Cully
Leo you gay fucking cunt! Ruining our country into the ground do something useful and jump off a bridge
well said Donald Tusk
J M Park
Huge mistake by the UK to have agreed to retain the CTA.
Jo Pink
Good luck Ireland, you are going to need it with that bunch of crooks
Social Gadfly
Bitch don't call the EU the USSR assholes!!!
Krisztián Kőrösi
"Should Jeremy Hunt resign?" - YES.
john hansberry
Varadkar in Brussels to receive his orders in old fashioned.
Morrigan Ravenchild
What a pair of used car salesman!
Tim Hunt
Can British that did not want brexit keep eu citizenship ,
lar har
these twats couldn't deliver a fucking pizza
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A United Ireland? Some Northern Watch Leo Varadkar and Donald Tusk 2 months ago   08:47

The thorny question of the Irish border after Brexit was on the agenda when the Prime Minister met the Irish Taoiseach at a summit today. Mr Varadkar warned that a possible Brexit deal could collapse if Britain doesn't say how it plans to keep the border open. And if a collapse led to a hard Brexit, could the outcome for Ireland be even more unexpected?

Channel 4 News has learned that some respected figures from the liberal wing of unionism are now ready to talk with the government in Dublin about Irish unity - and even a border poll.

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