My Weird Trip to the UK By the way, Can You Survive Jumanji | Part 1 day ago   08:53

Jaiden Animations
The UK was great and i had a time

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D May you never pee on your wallet if you don't want pee on it

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The official ash god The War Machine
Jaiden you and James have inspired me to start animating and i hope i would some day be like you :) btw sorry if my engish isn't perfect
xXAnimeStar CutiepieXx
_My_ visit to the uk.
Oh wait I live there
the cool kitten
If you think i dont like your chanle because i dont wach much well i will like to in form you i wach all your videos on my tv
LPS Starfalls
*When you don’t get notifications of Jaiden’s video*

*Demonic screech*
PitchBlack YT_53
You said a curse word when you where at MrBeast’s 100k YouTuber battle royal
Nerd Style328
Hey how many pokeplushes do u have
I just want to say that guy was wrong most females are nice and are already put down by men, but I am proud of you jaiden for not exploding with rage as I would, or started cry because of the feeling of a strange man, who was tall talking to me.
Leonardo Banuet
July 13 is my b-day
and Friday the 13 is my favorite day (not speaking about the movie)
Eternal Games
Why didn't you make Ari's birthday video (again-again)
The Martial Nerd
4:45 I literally paused the video and just started applauding. Very bold to use incel philosophies in your pick up lines.
I bet the guy that stood next to her was dumped/cheated on hundreds of times, that’s probably why he said that all girls are selfish.
c813 04c
nice to see you had a time
Nalrus The Walrus
4:44 SPEECH 0
I require footage of you finding the wallet
FNAF cosplay 123
I like your voice.
Protato Robin
I love how at 6:46 in the video her phone says weirdo detected
Christopher Rinaldi
Random question do ya watch my hero academia
pako joe
Dame it jadion now all the 8 year old will piss on there wallet They only have 5 dollers
Tec Master official channel
Remind me to never shake ur hands whenever i met u in vidcon or something 😆😆😆
james zehna
1970 : Well have flying cars in the future.
2019 : So I peed on my wallet.
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By the way, Can You Survive Jumanji | Part My Weird Trip to the UK 1 day ago   10:01

Last time, Stephen and Hosuh failed to escape Daniel's Jumanji. Maybe with the help of our good friend Joe, they can manage to escape it.

Main Animator: Kay -
Colorist: Pau -

JoCat -

Also, Jay is a safety hazard to us all but he'll be joining in the future videos.


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