Edward Snowden Censored 9/11 Edward Snowden - Latest Interview 4 months ago   03:24

Air Date: May 28th, 2014

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Deez Nutts
Our government is the terrorists of the world. But the sheep refuse to notice.
J'Mac !
He's a liar....if he's agreeing terrorists brought down those buildings....
Rodney Stewart
Muslims did not do 911 the Bush administration
There is no good political system on this planet, politics does not solve problems, they fill their pockets and let the citizens pay for everything!
Ed Gizinski
This guy is a shitbag nothing more.
Boxcutters,you need to look into the event, instead of regurgitating the narrative.If Snowden really did spill any beans ,do you think he would still be breathing?
Muddy Boots
Controlled opposition. 📺🔨😬
Jimmy Meade
he will b president in 2030 no one left but a patriot
Not one mention that the Boston Marathon bombing was a drill and nobody was injured or killed.......of course not, that would reveal yet another agenda besides gun control.
If 911 was inside job snowden wud have known. In this video he admits cia knew about the plot but took long to deal with it.
Fitzy Fitzsimmons
this faggot is a lieing peice of shit. has not produced one peice of evidence. just fuckn stupid interviews with fuckn retards who listen to this fuckn fool. i hope he gets the fucking fireing squad
chris Mcguinness
How many terrorists with box cutters? Was it 19 or just 10 cause some were alive! Just saying.Let us know if you do
David Lango
This whistleblower danced about the topic of the attack on America September 11th quite well. I noticed that he didn't question the official TV narrative nor did he at any point actually defend it.

"We had records of who they were" didn't name any names.

Ed didn't say Freemasons. Ed didn't say Muslims.

The newscaster talked up the box cutter story, Ed did not collaborate! Ed seems be in enough trouble without participating in exposing the ongoing coverup.
Dylan Goodman
I'm Brian Adams and I was on the moon when a rpg hit our lunar landing craft
The Classic 619
An enemy we cant see? Maybe our own gov.?
Box Addict
Hes what we all need to start doing fighting back against the Elite
Gen Sherman
I see now why Dick Cheney called him a traitor. Like Bush said, "you're either with us, or against us". Guess what Bush and Cheney, I'm against any treasonous liar, who kills their own people to achieve their evil goals. And against those same murdering trasonous lying cowards who take away our rights and suppress the population with an unconstitutional Patriot Act.
Don farlan
After the war people sow there opinion as into the fabric of general concenses till it appears as their flag and new uniform and then it starts again
Imagine how dumb you'd have to be to believe 9/11 was an inside job.
Tim Cantrell
All THREE ( 3 ) buildings that collapsed on 9/11 at the World Trade Center fell at the speed of of gravity & into their own footprint. Only three ( 3 ) buildings in the HISTORY OF ARCHITECTURE have collapsed due to fire & they all collapsed on the same day & belonged to the same person, who, coincidentally no doubt, had heavily insured them against terrorism just six months before. Please have a look at Building 7 collapsing, the last that would fall that day. Not hit by a plane, fires burning out & still straight down into its footprint. The Official Story is bunkum. No question.
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Edward Snowden - Latest Interview Edward Snowden Censored 9/11 4 months ago   50:01

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