Zoids Review: HMM Gojulas TOMY ZOIDS RZ-064 GOJULAS 3 months ago   07:29

A review of Kotobukiya's 1/72 scale Zoids, Highend Master Model Gojulas. Enjoy.
Also check out my WIP on this kit. https://ai-tube.com/videoai/D5yiI7vAMsH
Also check out my Unboxing on this kit. https://ai-tube.com/videoai/X_ENiD0Giqx

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Josué de Jesús Enrique Guerrero Sierra
Do you paint it builded already or you get apart the pieces?
Alex Lemonds
It's like if MechaGodzilla somehow combined with Trypticon.
Sri Sri
I'm quite interested in this model and may I ask, is this model can't walk as others zoids model right?
I'm new to the HMM series amd had recently bought the Ogre version. I've yet to unbox mine but I understand HMM have no mechanical parts or motor. how about lights like it's eyes?
JD Medina
imagine if kotobukiya makes a HMM ultrasaurus
Long Journey
Is this worth 300gs
Art Pelegrino
good job on making zoids review man!
i really love zoids ever since. good to see someones reviewing it so nicely done. ^^
Makes sense, dinosaurs are bigger than humans lol
I'm new to Zoid HMM kits and am starting to build one and was wondering how do you paint the kit after you already have it built? Do you use an air brush? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you-
That's a fantastic paint job! Great review too. I wanted to pick this kit up but I think I missed my chance; price inflated way too much. I should have preordered it when I had the opportunity.
MAN that box is HUGE. Did you pick this up in a shop or have it mailed to you? I imagine the shipping was awful if you had it mailed.
jesrel manarang
Great job man keep up the good work
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TOMY ZOIDS RZ-064 GOJULAS Zoids Review: HMM Gojulas 3 months ago   01:29

追擊形態時,身體前彎 張嘴轉頭 眼亮紅光 並且發出咆嘯聲。
格鬥形態時,身體直立 眼亮綠光 並且發出腳步聲。