Making the BIGGEST PURCHASE of MY LIFE!! The NEW S13 color is ______! 2 weeks ago   16:15

Its Sonny
Dreams do come true if you work hard enough for it. Huge shout out to Top Rank Importers for showing me the legendary cars. Should I go with the modified one or fully stock?

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Soooooo sick!
RafaelSB ™
Joe Sanchez
Christophe Labrecque
Clean af
Nam Uchiha
I got into a car accident today in san jose near yerbue rd. right after an exam from school, can I get a "goodluck" idk what will happen to me
Lee Isles
Do a video with all the cars n the crew
Top End
If you visited Japan you’d see that these cars are 1/3 of what top rank is charging... still awesome cars though
Happy for sonny.. randy is gay though
Killer Beast
My fav is supra
Hui Lim
junior poutoa
Congrats bro, loving the ride 🖤🖤🖤💯
Mohd Thaqif
Hey man i am really proud of you man! RX7 is one of my favourite cars out there... really glad you got it and i will be around watching this project!! Respect!
Right hand tt prius ?
Not hatin but fuck that car is gonna be a money pit once it blows. But nice color
Denver Nieman
I can’t watch any of his vids with the sound on because I hate his voice
Angel Sanchez
Wheres toprank location?
Third Palermo
Stock Silver RX-7.
Brock Hammant
What’s with all the youtubers getting rx7’s
Harlee Defsoul
So dope Sonny!!! Congrats on the new car 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
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The NEW S13 color is ______! Making the BIGGEST PURCHASE of MY LIFE!! 2 weeks ago   05:36

Time line complete! A week ago we hit up Premium auto styling letting them know about the 240sx makeover and gave ourselves (mainly calvin) a week to have it mounted and prepped! I wasn't able to get a very long video today due to the fact that im literally writing this in the airport waiting to board my plane. Weird fact I just ran into CashmeOutside girl and took a selfie with her and I look dumb in it. Anyways, now im just writing this to kill time so ill stop wasting your time and stop now.

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