Can I solder on aluminium? Solder Aluminium dengan Timah 1 day ago   09:25

Can I solder aluminium? I was working on one of the small LiPo batteries in the Power Pods from Poundland and the tag fell off the positive terminal. Soldering directly on a LiPo battery is asking for trouble because you could easily overheat it and start a reaction inside that could potentially end with boiling electrolyte and even flames. I wanted to try a technique for soldering on Aluminium but actually managed to get solder onto the remaining ferrous tag. That was good enough to get the battery working again and I did this seperate video on soldering on some Aluminium sheet from a drinks can.

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Doc Ink
they sell aluminum welding sticks you heat with a small torch but that wont work for the battery
Donnoven Panky
Maybe we could get a cool video how to make lunch ?
Looks like you need to make yourself a little spot welder!
Hermit Oldguy
I wonder if you could plate the aluminium with copper to give a surface to solder to. I once plated a screwdriver by dipping it in copper sulphate. I made the copper sulphate by doing electrolysis of battery acid with copper electrodes.
thehappylittlefox aka benji
looks like you can, I have in the past used a solder specifically for aluminium but needed a lot of heat for it !
Wonder why the oil? I mean, if they intended you to lube the sanding a bit, why not water? Or if using oil, clean surface with soapy water to get rid of the oil. Just thoughts, not speaking from any experience. : )
You need a particular solder or paste for this. I would not try that on lipo tabs anyway. Those you need to spot weld.
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Solder Aluminium dengan Timah Can I solder on aluminium? 1 day ago   01:17

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