5 Common Habits That Make How Tywin Lannister Commands Respect 2 days ago   11:40

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A few recent Brie Larson interviews have caught the attention of Marvel fans. People have asked if the cast doesn’t get along with Brie, and even as an audience member it’s hard to sit through some of these interviews without cringing.

Today I will talk about what you can learn from these situations, and how to prevent yourself from doing specific behaviour patterns, that can make people dislike you without you even intending or even realizing it.

0:41 - Issue #1: Reading negative intent in an ambiguous situation.
1:15 - Issue #2: Sarcasm requires a “tell”
4:33 - Issue #3: Don’t jump on every opportunity to call praise or attention to yourself.
7:15 - Issue #4: You should not try to win each moment of banter.
9:53 - Issue #5: Handling a compliment improperly

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Short answer... Don't be a douchebag
Dominic Rocha
I guess I'm one of the very few people that actually likes Brie and understands her sarcasm and laughs when she does it......hmmmm
Good video very informative. It kinda made me hate the actress that plays captain marvel, anyone else get that???
luvr gal
yall rly shittin on brie, she clearly is being sarcastic. this video is just a clear representation of how much this guy doesn’t like this actress
Amanda Ely
I don’t like that cheesy cow.......
She’s the Joffrey Baratheon of the MCU.
The United States hasn't realized that the WORLD instantly dislikes You, indeed.
Najoa B.
Guys, let's take some of YOUR most awkward moments in life and break them down. I agree that she could have been more wise in that interview, but I have been there tbh. She seems defensive and underneath her demeanor, I sense some anxiety. It seems like she has been made to feel crazy for speaking out, so she seems afraid to simply take a compliment or be friendly with people. She will grow, I hope. I don't think this is how she always is--you can tell from her older interviews that if she trusts the situation, she can see the positive in it more. I hope she regains her trust of the general public again; yes we have flaws and she probably knows that now...but we have to assume the best of people in order to help society grow.
swagic Wizard
the cringe during these interviews
This is all because the small minds of television generation requires everything be spelled out. I do agree with
“dont always assume the negative intent” and “don’t always assume all praise is for yourself” But I LOVE DEADPAN DELIVERY of sarcasm. and if you don’t enjoy it --- stay away from people that don’t watch television or people who read ---- you do NOT need over the top for sarcasm, only the television/cell phone junnkies need it.
In Maine we have something called a “dry sense of humor” --- sarcasm delivered deadpan is something we instinctively know and understand, I can even figure it out on the phone. Deadpan is much more fun. I believe young people today don’t get it because they are not as well read neither do they have much experience beyuond staring into their phhoen. TV generation always needs a LOT of cues. They have forgotten to use their imagination and MINDS.
Maddi Sheppard
Eek Brie Larson treating everything like a personal attack reminds me of my sister. Maybe I should show her this video 🤣
Xena Cuevas
Now I watch this just to laugh 😂
Xena Cuevas
Now I watch this just to laugh 😂
Sebastian Barber
God brie larson is just so fucking unlikeable XD
Dóra Erdősi
5:39 Isn't touching your ear or around it indicates lying?
Victor Barrios
Ohhh big man that works out... YOU THINK YOU'RE BETTER THAN ME??
People sitting next to her seem uncomfortable.  It would be funny to put her and Russell Brand on a show together. I think her brain would melt.
If people would stop projecting their own stuff onto others communication would be clear.
i like her, seems like a serious person instead of all the goofballs out there.
maybe goofballs like other goofballs and see that as charismatic,
and serious people most of the time dislike goofballs because they don't see that as charismatic, to be able to hold composure and not joking every 1 minute is for some people more charismatic then joking every minute or trying to 'lighten the mood'

also depends on what mindset and energy a person is in it..sometimes you just want to be professional because its work..

different people different tastes, different charismatic interpretation

my 2 cents
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How Tywin Lannister Commands Respect 5 Common Habits That Make 2 days ago   13:26

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Tywin theories I mentioned (watch the whole 5 part series on 2x speed, it's worth it): https://ai-tube.com/videoai/pqkJWkjBk-x

How Tywin Lannister Commands Respect in Game of Thrones

Tywin Lannister is a beast. He effectively served as king for many years under Aerys and wielded massive influence over Robert and Joffrey. He would have continued to be the power behind the thrones had he not been so horrible to Tyrion - more on that later - but that’s not the point.

In this video I want to explore why Tywin was able to command so much respect, breaking down everything from his body language to his strategy.

00:28 Game of Thrones of HBO shows this Tywin Lannister epic king outlook
04:40 One of the analyses of GOT Tywin Lannister dominance
10:20 Towering Tywin Lannister over Cersei and Tyrion Lannister

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