LA Lakers vs Boston Celtics - Full James Harden Career-HiGH 61 Pts Show 2 months ago   09:37

Ximo Pierto
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Boston Celtics vs LA Lakers - Full Game Highlights | February 7, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season

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Ximo Pierto
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Mailo King
Ese juego era de nosotros como kiera Boston hasta moril
Very good game! Well played Irving and LeBron!
neil naquines
well played
Black Cat
02:21 steps ?
MÔM 66 7878 tiii 7
game was 10 times better than the supe
Boran Tuna Baltacı
is there someone who watched this in a live? it shouldve been excited lol
Keondre 542
129-128 Lakers win
Ronandrei Atunay
Nooo they lose
I told you to keep it up Ximo!
Clark Bucher
1. The Lakers were 6-11 when LeBron was out with the groin injury.
2. The Lakers are 6-12 since LeBron's return.
3. The Lakers are 1-7 since LBJ activated "playoff mode"
2017-18 Lakers after 66 games: 30-36
2018-19 Lakers after 66 games: 30-36

*I thought LeBron made everyone around him better????
Red Face
Luke Walton better be fired
Mary grace Panlaqui
Omg😱😱😱id almost lost my breath for last minute I couldn’t imagine without james...unexpecting hahahha
Nova Gaming
Priestley Megan
John Raven Paduata
it happend twice
Alex Cyr
Celtics all the way
lil mike
Like for Celtics
Reply for Lakers
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James Harden Career-HiGH 61 Pts Show LA Lakers vs Boston Celtics - Full 2 months ago   10:18

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