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Documentary on the Frankincense Trail- Oman, Yemen and Saudi Arabia
Presented by: Kate Humble
Produced by: Diverse Bristol -a Zodiak Entertainment Company- for BBC

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Anas Kunjmuhamned
The people who lives in mountains of Oman called badus not much educated people
fawzia abdurrahman
Lovely documentary visiting all these historical places. As for the veil, don't worry about the ladies who use it. Am a muslim revert and I got used to it... I live in a hot coastal town, so it's uncomfortable in the heat but am very comfortable wearing it in cooler places & surprise surprise I have now bought myself about 4 face veils. And I live in a place where you don't even have to wear it.
So yeah, you get used to it :))
Blueberry Hill
The guys name is not Albert, Fucking British people like to change peoples name to suite them.
Stephen Blacks
We love you from Trinidad & Tobago
Faden Kara
This stupid donky woman is forgotten the witch burnings in the so calld modern west. She represents ignorance
I imagine your dress would be considered as we would consider a topless woman in the US. When in Rome. Unless you are european then just do as you please.
Philip Dawes
Thank you for this fascinating documentary of the frankincense route. Saudi Arabia is in the schizophrenic state of two worlds: the primitive patriarchal dominance and authority of fanatical religious rules, devoid of spirituality, and the modern opulence of wealth greed and retaining the oppression of women and their rights as equal human beings. It will not be long before that finally collapses.
I'm just shocked she made it out alive
Nyima Lhamo
Superb documentary.
Kate is both informative and charming.
This woman is consistently annoying. This program seems to be not so much about the history of the frankincense trade as it is more about asking why Saudi and Yemeni culture is the way it is.
Allex eév
I can't stop laughing 46:50.. I feel sorry for you Kate Lols 😂
gotlife Z
like some people dont understand that in this culture, women have another position, also men, and it works perfectly..
look how many are divorced, or how many men "runaway" or such stuff.. how many alcoholics? ;)

btw. humans are different, and who knows what our society has sickness in it, also knows where the cure is in
it is in there

btw: pigs.. the ones that will eat you up if you will go unconscious inside a pighall
dont matter if you are dead or not, you will be eaten up totally

jews and muslims know why they dont eat them ;)
altitude illume
how nice to consider, a friendly egalitarian and open arabia; someday.
خالد الحربي
مافيه ترجمة للوثائقي .. ؟
عزت ابراهيم الحيمي
الله يعزك يا بلادي .... برنامج تلفزيوني وثائقي جدا رائع
Traci Sims
The comments are really wild in this documentary. Kate Humble has decades of journalistic experience and knows how to research and present an informative and educational documentary. But you'd never know that from some of the comments, now would you? You keep doing your excellent work, Kate!
This female if sooo.. irritating by mid of documentary that I can t stand looking at her.
Kate I enjoy your videos very much thank you and your crew and the people who welcome you and share their story.
abi price
you can get authentic frankincense from they have both somali and omani as well as the pure essential oil
Stacey T.
There is a distinctive lie in this video that women cannot be outside alone especially in airports of all places. Even if you have not visited Saudi Arabia you can see many videos on YOUTUBE by not only Saudi women, but expats who are working there who go all over the country even in villages alone and going to work. I like this documentary, but the host appears to be very ignorant and biased. smh
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The Ultimate Traveller in Yemen The Frankincense Trail - Oman, Yemen 2 days ago   17:00

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Since ancient times Yemen has enchanted travelers, merchants, philosophers and kings with its secrets and its wealth. At the crossroads of spice and incense routes, Yemen is one of the oldest continuously inhabited regions in the world that has not yet been touched by the winds of modernity. This fascinating country stretching from the shores of the Red Sea to beyond the shores of the Arabian Sea is extraordinarily rich in historical sites.

The ancient sites are refreshingly free of commercial ventures with an atmosphere of uncluttered authenticity no longer present at better-trodden historical locations. One of the most striking features of Yemen is its astonishing architecture. The country is covered in ancient skyscrapers made from stone and mud - where people live on top of their animals.

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