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Nestled in the same pristine area of Sidi Abdel Rahman, Marassi covers a surface area of roughly 1,544 acres or 6.5 million square meters. The total investment for the development is around 10 billion EGP. International hotels, such as the Emaar managed Sidi Abdel Rahman hotel, afford easy access to the developments 6 kilometer long beachfront. A 600,000 square meter private beach is considered one of the loveliest stretches of shoreline in the world. The town's Marina, an investment of some 1.5 billion EGP, is expected to become the largest yacht marina on Egypt's Mediterranean coast. Widely considered to be one of the largest touristic and residential projects in Egypt and the Arab world, Marassi's numerous villas were modeled on designs developed specifically by Armani. The town also maintains a number of other commercial and residential units designed according to different architectural styles and sizes.

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safy mohamed
angelita tumaliuan
Beautiful homes and places. its really wow!
عبدالله التميمي
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سيدى عبدالرحمن قريتنا الجميلة
hatem tawfik
Looks awesome, just can't wait for the marina to open as well. Any tentative dates ?
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