An Interview with Egyptian President US sees Filipinos as "little brown 1 day ago   23:58

BBC News
Lyse Doucet visits Cairo’s presidential palace for an exclusive interview with Egypt’s new strongman, President Abd-al-Fattah al-Sisi. After spending four decades in the military, he came to power in elections last year after the controversial ousting of the elected Muslim Brotherhood. He says he has a roadmap for democracy. But not everyone is convinced. What are his plans for his own country? What about Egypt’s wider role in the region? And, will the threat from the so-called Islamic State continue to grow?

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Jamie Steinhauer
Dictator or not, he has a very soothing voice
Iconoclastic Philosophy
Everyone in the comments have very short term memory. Less than ten years ago, arabs tried "democracy". It doesn't work. It barely works in the west and is very unefficient.
mohamed asser
Militant Islam needs to be eradicated!
mohamed asser
Anyone who supports the Muslim Brotherhood is scum in my eyes!
David Salcido
“Wow, one of Trumps favorite CRIMINALS, after War Criminal 💴SATANyahu and the HEAD (((Chopping)) Killer Saudi Prince!!!” 🔥🇪🇬🔥🇮🇱🔥🇸🇦🔥💀🔥🐍🔥🤮🔥
Top Tier
Fun fact : El-Sisi became president by paying each soldier 10000 pounds to remove Morsi from presidency and he becomes a president!
Eugenist Technocrat
Shawn Khan
Sisi is one of worst dog then India PM modi ...
Zions Vengeance満
Won by 97 percent of the vote almost like Kim Jon un at 99 percent of the vote
Ersin Karatas
he is really an idiot dictator
he doesnt know even how to talk
Rural trend
lannat on curroupt and men slaughter egypation president
I appreciate the increase in security in Egypt, although oppressing your people is not justified
Susette Santiago
Divide and conquer strategies are so old...Neanderthals should try civilization's quite the advancement...and everybody knows you did not start the stole it...Pythagorus' where was he
TDF تعلم الانجليزية
he is a dictator
ان التطرف الإسلامي قضي علي السياحة والصناعة والاقتصاد وهذا ما حصل في بلاد إسلامية كثيرة ولا بد من القضاء عليه وتصبح المواطنة بناء علي العمل الصالح للوطن وليس لمجموعة محدودة بزعامة دينية أو عرقية فهذا هو كان الساس لتقدم الشعوب. فان الدين هو لله إنما الوطن للجميع ومن يخرج عن هذا فهو ضد التقدم وأنانية مجموعة ضد المجتمع
Egypt is a poor country caused by terrorism ,tourism ,economic development was crippling it .development can not start as long as Islamic Militancy and terrorism controlled ,fanatic Islamic terrorism has to be controlled and crushed so economy and stability can start .
paul mitchell
Dictators always ask ''Why don't you ask me about something else?'' when confronted over unjust imprisonment.
أصحمة بن أبجر النجاشي
He doesn't even know how to lie this guy...
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US sees Filipinos as "little brown An Interview with Egyptian President 1 day ago   04:29

The Foreign Minister of the Philippines, Perfecto Yasay, has told the BBC that the United States sees Filipinos as "little brown brothers". Mr Yasay said that was why America did not support the Philippines' efforts to improve ties with China -- it wants Manila to rely on Washington instead. Since taking power last year, the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, has criticised his country's long-standing dependence on the US, and sought closer ties with both China and Russia. Mr Yasay said the Philppines would make its own foreign policy decisions

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