The Italian Invasion of Brothers Island Salem Express. SEA TRAGEDY. (Eng. 2 days ago   07:07

Red Sea Explorers
A group of GUE technical divers with GUE instructor Max Lorenzoni invade the wrecks of Aida and Numidia on Big Brother Red Sea

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Salem Express. SEA TRAGEDY. (Eng. The Italian Invasion of Brothers Island 2 days ago   08:04

The Salem Express was a passenger ship that sank in the Red Sea. It is controversial due to the tragic loss of life which occurred when she sank shortly after midnight on December 16, 1991. Coordinates: 26°38′22.02″N 34°3′39.9″E
The Salem Express was a roll on, roll off car & passenger ferry that operated between the ports of Safaga (in Egypt) and Jeddah (Saudi Arabia). On one such return journey from Jeddah, she sank after colliding with Hyndman Reef in the early hours of 16 December 1991. The impact with the reef both holed the bows and caused the bow visor to be forced open. She very quickly took on water and sank, on her starboard side within minutes. Loss of life was considerable, with the official figure being quoted as 470. Rumour suggests that there were many more on board, however this is debatable as official records list the number of passengers and crew as 690.
Many bodies were recovered after the sinking, but eventually a halt was called due to the danger involved and the wreck was sealed with plates welded across openings.
Dives, as of April 2013, revealed that the wreck is in good shape and coral covers much of the ship. Divers can peer into windows and can easily enter the ship from many points. Reports of plates being welded over access points could not be verified. Additionally, while the bow of the ship is crumpled and bent, there are no signs of cracking, at least on the port side. The bow visor is clearly open by about 12-16 inches at the base, closest to the waterline. The sea floor, 29 meters deep, is littered with debris. Notably, two ridged life boats rest between the smoke stacks and the stern. At the stern of the ship, divers can enter the large car door. The wreck still contains cars and luggage, a haunting reminder of the lives lost.

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