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Personal budgeting & financial freedom. 12 practical tips to help save money & achieve goals. Australia Vlog 66.

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clevelandlife 1
another way to save money is stay away on fake friends and relatives want to borrow big money
Jerome Joz
Number 10!! I'm still a student. But I found this very helpful. Very shocking though, when I realized this video was over 40 minutes long. Haha Keep up the good work B!
Thanks man! Aside from your wonderful travel video, this video is one of your best!
Scott Lisenbury
Great video buddy !!
Glenn Wheeler
Very good tips, I've been doing most of them for many years now.
Scott Williamson
Another good way to save money is to cut back on all the ladyboy action … if you're name is Sezstyle.  :)   Looking good Brendo!
The Journey
Can always use these tips! Nice stuff
Saving money revolves around 3 vital concepts: 1.) Don't keep up with the Jones' 2.) Spend less than you make 3.) Save for a rainy day
ricky usa
Great advice Professor B! I've been to the Philippines 13 times since 2007 and I'm always telling my single friends they should go there or Thailand. None of them have ever done it. The reason is almost always they can't delay gratification. They either can't save the money or stop taking days off from work to build up enough vacation days to go on a two week vacation. I know they would have the time of their life if they did but they will never know. Of course, many of them would probably fall in love with a bargirls but that's a different issue!
Che espiritu
Great vlog, B! So, now it’s the Businessman B, talking?:) Anyway, very helpful tips👍 I can relate much to #5 and 10. Cooking makes a lot of difference when it comes to savings.Likewise, what I love most about it is that I get to choose what I’ll eat (like if some days I want salad, etc)Meanwhile, whenever I didn’t cook, during lunchtime at office I even get stress of what food to eat?Considering it’s the same cafeterias where I’ll buy and it’s the same type of food on sale.It’s like I eat for the sake of eating and it’s even costly. For #10, it’s true about shoes.In the past, I used to have variety of running/hiking shoes.Yet, I noticed that I actually have a favorite among them(simple Nike)thus, the others weren’t used often and so when I decided to use them they got damaged easily. That’s why nowadays, I only have like 1 pair of each brand, that way I saved a lot and I get to wear different brands each time. The writing down notes is a habit of mine too for a long time (eventhough they said we should protect the environment and we should go paperless but nothing beats the hard copy)and it works for me too.It’s a nice feeling to read past blog entries and realized how far you’ve come in attaining your goals.Keep vlogging and more power to your channel!👍
REB Zumi
Filipinos greatly need this. Thank you.
Flying Machine
Thanks for sharing, you will do well in life.
j l
Im traveling in philippines now watched a few of your videos and you inspire me a lot with your videos
sammy c
Very well put  together, very interesting video
Uncle Ian's VDiary
michael j
Totally agree with every thing you say , there is only one way to get things that's by working hard . As you say your name and reputation and family name are everything. Great vlog
Dan Granada
Like your video ☺☺☺have good night see u on the next one
Got a gf yet?
Jalan jalan TV
Great advices. . .😊 thank you B. . You made me smile at your 2nd sayings 😁
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TWAC - How to save money and make How to Save Money, 12 Practical Tips 1 day ago   04:54

Expert financial adviser Francisco Colayco of the Colayco Foundation shares his expert advice on how to save money for the future on Tonight with Arnold Clavio. (Aired April 25, 2012)

Tonight with Arnold Clavio airs every Tuesday and Wednesday, 10:30 pm, on GMA News TV channel 11.