Nike - Tiger Woods: Same Nike - Maynor De Leon: My Crazy 2 days ago   00:52

Never stop chasing your crazy dream. #justdoit

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florentia bunn
nice you make the world proud.
Hardus Helm
Trumps Tiger is better that Obamas Tiger!
Joey Calabrese
Sold himself to the devils
It's said that a lion will never cheat on it's mate. But a Tiger Wood
Shaista Khan
Wowwwwwwwwww nikeeeee you guys are the best!
Hector Rodriguez
One of the greatest Comebacks Story's I have seen in Sports
I will never buy another Nike product as long as I live.
Cookie Tee
NIKE did it Again!!!!Thank you NIKE for not giving up on Tiger or KAEP!! SAME DREAM!! You took a Risk unpopular to many but gained so much more. Redemption and Justice. A cultural DYNASTY that includes ALL. Well done.
Gatorade-Tiger we want you back!! Tiger-NOPE!!!
Gatorade Drops Tiger Woods. PepsiCo.'s Gatorade said Friday it had broken off its sponsorship of TigerWoods, one week after the golf superstar apologized for his sex scandal. "We no longer see a role forTiger in our marketing efforts and have ended our relationship," a spokeswoman for Gatorade said in a statement.Feb 26, 2010
fake news
Drew Hendley
Just Did It ⛳️
Swagger Guru
The Marathon Continues
Shristy]xaa Chaudhary
Tiger has been healthy for over a year and now his game is starting to peak at every major again. I think we are only seeing the beginning of another long run at no. 1 in the world again.
Shristy]xaa Chaudhary
I'm not crying. You're crying! 😭
mike smith
NIKE stick with REAL winners like EL TIGRE and not a pile of shit like the kid from nevada who kneels
I support Nikes they never left Tiger Wood🤘😎
Pee Geezee
😢 Well done 🐯
Reginald Cormier
Well Done Nike!! You guys got it RIGHT!!!
Thank you for standing with tiger through
Nate Mauratt
Now Nike is back on board eh?
Kenny M
Its golf.Is 43 really to old to win.even without all the injuries and lows
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Nike - Maynor De Leon: My Crazy Nike - Tiger Woods: Same 2 days ago   01:35

Dream bigger. #justdoit