IN FULL: Attorney General Barr Giuliani reacts to details emerging 2 days ago   24:56

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Attorney General Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein hold a news conference at Department of Justice ahead of the planned release of a redacted version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report on the Russia investigation.

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Comments 38 Comments

Blue -eyed
This report freed Hillary from her collusion with Russians wich she did!
Blue -eyed
Rosenstein sure looks tense as hell..
Cora Brooks
He should be IMPEACHED for lying
Bradley Thomsen
Keep focusing on Russia, dummies. Pay no attention to Israel, the country manipulating you. The country who does control your elections. Americans are so effing stupid.
Alfred Neuman
MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING! The media (on the Left anyway) will draw this out forever - for one reason, and one reason only: ratings. That's it. If you think the all the fuss about the released report is about ANYTHING else but TV ratings, you are being played.
dee sheppard
Hillary is the anti christ that when her name mention it goes silent 😂😂😂
dee sheppard
Aoc for president
Gaius Caligula
Last question touched a nerve! storms off stage when accused of spinning it before release.
Gaius Caligula
Rosenstein looks like someone is stood behind the curtain with a gun to his back.
Gaius Caligula
You'd think the IRA would have learned some lessons from the Troubles, they've given up on unifying Ireland and now want to help the Russians destroy America.. It was only a matter of time!
Andre MaFeMi
@7:40 and on, right when Hillaries involvment is revealed, the transmission is jammed. I looked up several live captures from different news organizations. All hat these disturbances despite every one has their own microphones. -> so the whole room was seemingly under a scrambling attack.
Audio goes bad when they talk about Hillary 😂😂😂. FAKENEWS. 7:42
Rod Rosenstein looks like a statue.  What is wrong with him?
Jason Sig Sauer USA
This whole thing was a joke and always was. People need to be prosecuted.
Dawn break
So sad... not willing to spend the money to keep our borders safe but want to keep spending on a witch hunt
Jiaxin Li
when people lose trust to lawful elected President, to major political party, to the justice department, and only listen to spy agencies and liberal(propaganda) media. Am I living to the authoritarian, communist, evil state?
Izu Chukwu
they should investigate wether russsian help obama win election , cos i dont believe this is the first time Russians are trying to interfere in US election
The Democrats are not going to accept this. They are mentally ill. We can already see with the questions being asked of AG Barr that the crazy MSM are not going to let it go and accept it on its face value.
Before even watching this, let me say the BBC, CNN etc etc will be banging their heads on the table, shouting and whining over this press conference. So without even watching, you should be able to guess what happens
William Scott
#NothingBurger #TRUMP2020
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Giuliani reacts to details emerging IN FULL: Attorney General Barr 2 days ago   24:20

'You're not going to find a darn thing' in special counsel Robert Mueller's report that shows that the Trump campaign 'had any kind of connection with whatever the Russians were doing,' says President Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani. #AmericasNewsroom #FoxNews

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