Think Gizmos Mini RC Helicopter Does moving an iron core 3 months ago   07:56

Think Gizmos Mini RC Helicopter flying in daylight. I always say don't buy second hand toy helicopters in charity shops because they will always need the battery replaced or they will be damaged in some way that means they need replacement parts that are no longer available. I usually manage to stick to that rule but sometimes they manage to tempt me. This one looks nice but does need a new battery and there is a little damage to the balance bar. I am not sure if I want to spend the time and effort fixing this one. I have checked the ThinkGizmos website and this item is marked Discontinued and no mention of any replacement parts.

Think Gizmos Gyro Zoomer Mini RC Helicopter Infrared controlled helicopter TG502
Documentation in the box puts this at 2011

Details from the ThinkGizmos website

TG502 – Mini Gyro Zoomer RC Helicopter – Discontinued
Main Features
Super small yet super fun.
Mini Helicopter just 11cm Long.
Various colours available.
Gyro Zoomer has built in LED Lights for flying in the dark.
Fly up to 3 helicopters at the same time.
Charge time: Approx 20mins, Flight time: Approx 6-8mins.
Includes Gyro-technology for easy flight and stability.
Helicopter charges directly from the remote or the included USB Cable.
Remote requires 6x AA Batteries (not included).
Includes spare blades and a screwdriver.

Camera Canon Powershot SX60 HS
Editor Serif MoviePlus X6

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anthony belcher
Ian Virco
As someone who grew up in the seventies the idea of a model helicopter back then was near fantasy, now this tiny little helicopter hovers around indoors, amazing !
Put a bigger battery on the front and then fashion a new nose cone out of that pile of balsa you've just bought and been itching to find something to use it on.
thehappylittlefox aka benji
I once found a tiny lipo battery in the street attached to some broken remains of some gizmo it might have been a Bluetooth hands free earpiece
cool RC helicopter. just curious what kind of camera are you using to fillm that seems it has motion tracking dont think you can fly and aim a camera that well at the same time.
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Does moving an iron core Think Gizmos Mini RC Helicopter 3 months ago   09:54

Does moving an iron core in a coil induce a current flow? My guess is there must be some magnetism involved somewhere, but as you can see the meter gives some spurious readings even when not connected so possibly even capacitive effects involved here.
Here is the video that inspired the comment that inspired today's video - What can I do with these scavenged parts #1 and watching the beginning of it I can see where the coils came from for today's video 😍 obviously my memory is rapidly failing and I don't remember where each scavenged part came from 4 years later.

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