New Orleans Braces for Hazardous Rain WINDS PICKING UP: Tropical Storm 1 day ago   01:35

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Tropical Storm Barry is beginning to lash metropolitan New Orleans with its outer bands.

National Weather Service forecaster Christopher Bannan says one of those bands late Friday morning passed over the agency's Slidell office, where the storm brought a wind gust of 25 mph (40 kph).

Bannan says the primary concern of forecasters in Louisiana remains the heavy rainfall and potential for significant flooding.

About a third of an inch of rain had already fallen at the weather service's Slidell office before noon Friday.

Forecasters say Barry could dump 10 to 20 inches (25 to 50 centimeters) of rain across a swath of Louisiana including New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

Since Hurricane Katrina, groups of Louisiana residents calling themselves the Cajun Navy have used their own boats to rescue people from floods in Louisiana, Texas, Florida and other states.

The founder of one such group, United Cajun Navy, tells New Orleans station WWL-AM that many Louisiana members are scrambling to protect their homes as Tropical Storm Barry approaches, so out-of-state members are heading to Louisiana to be ready. Todd Terrell says the group has volunteers from seven states.

Terrell says members have been working to fill sandbags in the Baton Rouge area. He says his goal was 5,000 sandbags in three days and they'd filled three times that in a day-and-a-half.

He says they're also delivering sandbags to people who are handicapped, veterans, or disabled, and cannot get sandbags themselves.

The Rolling Stones have postponed their New Orleans concert as Tropical Storm Barry approaches the area, but the group's website says the show will go on a day later.

The concert had been scheduled for Sunday after the group's appearance at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival earlier this year was canceled so singer Mick Jagger could get medical treatment.

The message on the rock group's website says fans should hold on to their tickets because they will be honored the next day.

The slow-moving storm is prompting fears of flooding in the region. Hurricane warnings are in effect along the Louisiana coast. The storm's center is expected to come ashore Saturday.

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Taunja Brockway
Unchain and uncage your poor abused pets! Bring in the strays Please save the animals.. They need you I don't want them drowning again while left tied or in a cage or too young to swim 😔
Unstoppable Goddess
UPDATE: literally nothing is happening 😐🤔 not a “major event”. Just nothing at all. Either the meteorologists all over the nation are incapable of doing their jobs or....they lied
Will there be looting? 🤔
Ronnie Johnson
Time to climb to Y'ALL ROOF'S FOLKS 😉
Ronnie Johnson
Are they talking about BARRY WHITE??
snake guy1
Looks to me they just out seeing if their small vehicles can serve as a boat.
Kevin Kelly
They named the new hurricane "Barry" because it's all wet and full of hot air
Steve Emery
i feel bad for the white store owners the coloreds will be looting them soon
Anthony Campos
New Orleans cant catch a break. First it was the no call on the pass interference and now another Hurricane is paying them a visit.
American Paisa
Barry Soetoro about to fuck shit up again!
Lose the piano music
Helder Almeida
Again! I thought you learned the lesson from catrina. You need to move the city elsewhere that's the best solution because this kind of weather is becoming increasingly more frequent
Nimrod Quimbus
Stock up on water, and remember to take care of the pets, as they can be used for a food source.
Wanda Roderick
You got time to load up your horses and your cattle and move them to Higher Ground all at your farm animals and don't leave your pets behind a drowned like you did before that was a most disgusting disturbing thing I ever saw anybody do to their pets leave them behind to Drowning a horrible horrible way you fucken idiot how would you like to be left in a house that's filling up with water and no way out slowly drowning that's what you did to your pets only to save your own f****** skin
Cosmo Kramer
Weird how it floods like that...being under sea level and all!
And this never happens since the beginning of time ?
Margaret Carley
Noooo. Not again!! God help these people in LA.
meli meli
bye bye to the city since last flood it`s still destroyed
First Last
Well, what do you expect when you build a city on land that's below sea level. Not one tax payer dollar should be used to rebuild. Again!
Mark W.
White people preparing with sandbags and supplies.
Blacks preparing to riot and loot, while playing the victim.
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WINDS PICKING UP: Tropical Storm New Orleans Braces for Hazardous Rain 1 day ago   03:55

WVUE coverage of Tropical Storm Barry.

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