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"Deeply Shocked and Embarrassed"....That's the word from Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari. He's been reacting to the UK's Prime Minister David Cameron's comments that his country is, quote, fantastically corrupt. President Buhari suggested Cameron was referring to the previous Nigerian administration. Cameron was caught on camera speaking to Queen Elizabeth the Second. And it wasn't just Nigeria. He also spoke about corruption in Afghanistan. Leaders from those countries have been gathering in London for an anti-corruption summit.

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Felis John
The whites men created boko haram in Nigeria to distable the country, , to make black men loook bad , that's all they doing Keep them devils away from your life.
Felis John
Black people still don't get it, that's all the slave master pray on black countries is corruptions, they created corruptions in black countries to bring Poverties to make black look bad, black most turn they back on their slave master, deal with Asian, keep whites people off Africa.
Andrea Lovejoy
White people calls countries they can't secretly control corrupt. I thought America was the most corrupt. They steal, kill and destroy with such etiquette. ijs
Gordon Chuck
well this does not suprise me a bit how we forget the past during past government Ditka $2.4 billion what you doing to do.
Johndominic001 Dominic
If Cameron believes that he or any other westerner can call any "3rd world" corrupt, then we should advice him to "wake up and smell" the 21st century .
Talk about corruption, The UK and USA brought the worlds economy to its knees through 2008-2011 with no help from any Afracan state. So then I ask, if Nigeria is "fantastically corrupt, what is the Uk,USA(the west) that ruins the whole world for their own greed?
"fantastically corrupt country" no other country is.......look at the corruption going on in our ( US ) elections. Deliberately blind and naïve.
Peter Anderson
who corrupted nigerian and use up all our resource yeah you got it right England and that NAZI Old shemale queen pig. dont listen to what all this thief Britannia has no say england government are the queen are all pigs.
TIM apple
and that words came from a pig-fucker
As a Nigerian, that hurts.
Milo Milosavage
corruption in Nigeria is as a result of British imperialism
Heavenlypraise Adorethee
Cameron knows quite well that Buhari has been there before and this corruption is not just now from Jonathan . Buhari is also guilty right from then. Buhari should first of all learn DEMOCRACY and not forceful ways of getting what you want. I NEED SECURITY TO WALK ABOUT WITH THE LITTLE THAT I HAVE and ELECTRICITY TO INVEST THAT LITTLE . God bless Nigerians
kole Tha-superstar
queen puppets
Frank Evans
A senator in Nigeria earns 240 million naira (about 1.7 million US dollars) in salaries and allowances and a member of the House of Representatives earns 204 million naira (about 1.45million US dollars) per annum. The average Civil servant who earns about $46 to $120 US per month. This is what Buhari should be deeply shocked and embarrassed about.
Come on Nigerians when are you going to wake up? How can someone accuse you obe being corrupt , take your money and not return it. Dont you see that there is a bigger 419 going on here?
BTW the Queen has been disqualified since 1962 by going back to the church of rome Catholic church, she is forbidden from doing so under the act of settelemtn 1701 s 1 & 2 a law that is still valid in the Uk and affects the Commonwealth of Nations. All citizens UK and Commonwelath are exempted from allegiances to her and her fraudulent govt.( without a valid monarch there cannot be a valid govt - this is parliamentary ruless)

This is known in the UK
Austin Luke
Why is he surprised when he feels it's cool to go about other countries calling his own country corrupt like he is not a Nigerian? David Chameleon is the most uncivilized human being on this earth. He should be ashamed of himself. The truth is that Africa doesn't know corruption until the white men came into their lands! TRhere is no corrupt African without a white man behind him, if not, why are all the looted funds in their banks and not in the African banks? This is just a case of pot calling kettle black!
kelly billy
That is the white man for you. He smiles he front of you like a friend and go at your back to stab you. THE ONLY WHITE MAN YOU CAN TRUST IS A DEAD ONE -PRESIDENT MUGABE
Doesn't most of the Nigerian wealth get laundered into the UK? Does Cameron really believe that he has lessons to give about corruption? The Panama papers, wasn't that a documented case of corruption in the UK? These elites are so clueless!!
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The President Meets with the President Nigerian president left "deeply 1 day ago   07:35

President Obama delivers remarks before holding a bilateral meeting with President Buhari of Nigeria. July 20, 2015.