#MeToon | March 13, 2019 Act 3 | Full Male Sexual Abuse Isn't 1 day ago   06:36

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee
In your favorite cartoons the good guys always win, but this time the good gals won. Produced and animated by an all-female team led by Kaitlin Fontana with Julie Levitsky. Edited by Daphne Gómez-Mena.

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you know Fox News is just going to hire him LOL
Mustard Seed
Fantastic ladies. Honor U.
"We defeated you before. What makes you think you can succeed this time?"

"Now, I am not alone."
Tj Lee
Great one
Julian Sanchez Harris
❤❤❤ righteous strength in unison, fighting for justice and equality, is one of the most beautiful things on earth
As a man I have to say something about misandry:
Nothing at all. This is completely legit and laws need updating. It is ridiculous that harassment and most of all extortion by threatening to blacklist aren't liable, and you have to use "disloyalty" instead.
Danielle Duffield
fatine mahir
waw, that was powerful
Macom G.
thats all great, except Louis CK doesnt belong with those fckrs, that part is fkn bs
CalzonesPlateados 9000
That's the cringe thing I've ever seen in my life.
What a heartbreaking but hopeful interview. I cried when towards the end Cheyenne and her friends transitioned from black and white into color
Stephen Gilberg
"Never meet your heroes"? I think we should. Better to become disenchanted than keep right on admiring the wrong people.
Xiao Mao!
NAME THE AGENTS: MEN. "People" aren't getting second chances. MEN ARE.

#nametheproblmem #maleviolence
David Blyth
This helps noone
you are all such strong women and an inspiration! we no longer will be silenced!
This was so cool!!

... And kudos to all of the ladies who dare to fight!!

Keep zapping them with that GIRL POWER!! 💪🏻💪🏽💪🏾💪🏿
Mike Regan
thanks for making this Full Frontal
Victoria N
I love this. It legitimately made me cry.
This animation is almost too great to be just a segment on a late night show. It’s like a great little documentary short feature.
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Male Sexual Abuse Isn't #MeToon | March 13, 2019 Act 3 | Full 1 day ago   05:51

In this #MeToo moment, we wanted to acknowledge that #MenToo can be victims of sexual assault, and it's really not funny. Don't just take it from us, take it from Terry Crews.

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