Adorable Snake Is So Affectionate With 🦁 Funniest Animals 🐼 2 months ago   03:09

The Dodo
Adorable Snake Is So Affectionate With Her Mom | This woman had no plans to get a python — until an extremely adorable one stole her heart 💜

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*Eww this video is in vertical*
robin norman
That's so weird.. That would take some time getting use 2.. Wow..
Rhi Potter
Our banana ball is friendly like this
They love attention
Love their family
He loves his
" mom" my 12 yo daughter
I NEVER thought in my life that I say "CUTE" to a goddanm Python yawning. GODDANM IT, IT'S CUTEEEEE
Hi lady. You cant make friend with the sherpent! When its going bigger and bigger its gonna to swallow your other pets and youself!
XamoT 5.7
The snake sleeps in her vagina at night..
Musiclildee Powell
Every time I hear book I think of sombra
That snake is awesome!!! I’m
Scared but definitely respect them!! That yawn!!!
Megan G
That snake is cute😍😍😍
I want a snake but I'm not allowed to
Dominique Ray
Evil to me. How can anyone love a snake
Cute ❤️❤️
Just so you know, it's a snake, they have no sense of humor, they act by instinct, they have no ability to love or think like a dog have, they're not pets, they belong to the wild. Please don't think for a second that this snake actually love you or care about you. Just saying.
Nick Fiscina
This is why I got my daughter a ball python for her 6th birthday she loved it and has a pretty good size reptile collection 7 years later lol but she loves doc he goes everywhere with her since day 1 he definitely loves her back it's An odd couple for sure but very cool
She's just sizing you up so one day she'll eat you whole.
Ok my tripophobia is back :(
I have a python too but only my gf sees it. 😏
Terry Cawthon
I’d be just waiting for that snake to strike. Like it’s coming any second now lol. But that’s cute she has a pet snake that interacts with her.
des tiny
is every dodo video filmed on a microwave ?
Ryan Tran
2:32 made me yawn 😂 I love snakes
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