Silver Spirit aborted departure Time-Lapse of all cruise ships departing 1 day ago   02:46

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High winds from a strong cold front reaching Key West Florida prompt a huge cruise ship to abort its attempt to depart the port after it leaves the dock. It tries to return to the dock and bang into the south bollard at M dock before safely re-docking. Time-lapse and normal speed video.

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Rob Jones
Saw this as it happened and had no idea what the story was until I watched this. Thanks
"Huge cruise ship?" Actually quite modest by today's standards. As Silversea don't cater for the mass market they don't do mega ships.
Victory leaves early afternoon before winds got strong. Brilliance was already facing into the wind so did not have to pivot. If Silver Spirit had been facing south she probably would have been able to leave the harbor. I am sure the pilot had a tough night. Thank you BLC for this video.
Marion Tia
Wow. Being such a big ship, surprised it had issues. Grt footage, thanx.
Zeena Abdura
Never saw a ship fender bender before. Saw it live. Pretty surprised.
Andrew Silva
at about the 1:20 mark, what was that Brown liquid in the water, and when did the shop finially leave?
love the time-lapse
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Time-Lapse of all cruise ships departing Silver Spirit aborted departure 1 day ago   05:22

the linup included the Ruby Princess, Emerald Princess, Westerdam, Liberty of the Seas, Oasis of the Seas and the Independence of the Seas.