President Donald Trump Touts Donald Trump Before New Cohen 3 months ago   01:58

NBC News
The second quarter growth is the strongest since a 5% quarter in 2014. On Friday, President Trump said, “Once again. We are the economic envy of the entire world”.
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President Donald Trump Touts 4.1 Percent Economic Growth | NBC Nightly News

Comments 21 Comments

Lazarus Lazar
evil putting American in Debts, and want them to stay there!!!, Let us
burn all Debts on Holy Altar of God!!!!! include students loan!!!)
Manuel Delgado
You stupid people dont celebrate the growth. Let me tell you why that economic growth is bad for working class. The growth only benefits big company and us working class will slave away for these giant coporate machine.
Lol NBC, focusing so much on the negatives on a story about the BOOMING TRUMP economy
Tiberius Maximus
mark price
Obama just apologized again for the USA doing so well.
Snufalufagus Shit
The denial i see in obliviously ignorant liberal retardation is saddening.
Snufalufagus Shit
Greatest President in History!!!!!
Sugar high
Sam Thomas
great President building the country
i bet next growth will be 7.3% GDP i could put money on that ...
Thank you president Obama for setting this stage in motion for the Dotard
sam Iaint
Trump can take credit for a booming economy. He also has to take credit for deficit spending The economy was doing well when Trump took office. Just ask the one percent. Many analyst think the tariffs may have spurred some economic activity, because some country's were scrambling to buy soybeans and other commodities and goods before tariffs kicked in. Many analyst also think the tariffs could bring on a recession by next year. A lot of analyst believe a recession was due by 2020 anyway, and the tax cuts, and tariffs could bring that recession on earlier. If that happens Trump will have to take credit for that also. Although I'm sure it will be Hillary's fault, or the fake media.
elizabeth lizzie
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Donald Trump Before New Cohen President Donald Trump Touts 3 months ago   07:14

Trump again took on the press hours before NBC News confirmed that his fmr. lawyer Michael Cohen is prepared to assert that Trump had prior knowledge of that infamous 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russians according to a source. Jonathan Lemire & Jill Colvin join.
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Donald Trump Before New Cohen Bombshell: Media Waiting For A Mistake From Me | The 11th Hour | MSNBC