Sylas: The Unshackled | Champion Trailer Rejection of the Gift 3 months ago   01:54

League of Legends
Power is so easily taken. Watch me break a kingdom with it.

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Yolaan Fernando
whatever sylas is selling im buying
Nathan Papa
sylas is the new cancer.
Justice, honor, Reinhardt Reinhardt REINHARDT!
Markangelo Guevarra
Ardyn in league ahsha ffxv collab
Mom: You won't go out until you are finished with your homework
Natsu Fullbuster
0:23 "After 15 years in the dark, I was illuminated"
Nani? How did it need 15 years to escape the prison, when he could have had many other chances to steal other's ultimate and escape?
Mute Mon
i legit recreated that garen kill and got a quadrakill with pykes ult in urf
Eren Ünal
Demacia Revolution ✊
Get Ganked
hahahha garen ez 1 shot this dude what u mean
Marth Vader
So basically communism
Michael Garcia
Those goosebumps
Anxiety Cat
Tbh I would date him,I mean who wouldn't?
LoL Darth Ynot
Google search: Lux buscu Sylas
Dark Firer
This is in my opinion the single best league trailer you ever made. It feels so powerful and emotional. Really gets me hyped
Kirk Santiañez
He is hard to play champ, even sometimes never mastered
Ren Mechs
riot pls more yordle instead
Oh, Sylas...
Why did it have to be this way?...
He would make a great communist leader
Sylas Brautigam
This is the weirdest thing. I have never met someone with my name before and I have never seen a character with my name before. Sylas has always been a unique name to me and now this...
LowerSpider4725 PR
Your ult? More like OUR ult!
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Rejection of the Gift Sylas: The Unshackled | Champion Trailer 3 months ago   03:24

Xe’ra, the Prime Naaru has been restored and offers the gift of power to fulfill a prophecy in the battle against the Legion.

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