SHELBY GT500 - Everything You Need 2013 Shelby GT500: Regular 2 months ago   15:26

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The GT500 is one of Carroll Shelby’s greatest creations: A Ford Mustang with the heart of the GT40 Le Mans racer! Join James as he explores the long history of the original buff horse, from the 427, 428 Police Interceptor, to the 428 Cobra Jet and beyond!

Hosted by James Pumphrey
Edited by Colby Mann & Spencer Huff
Animation by Raghav Arumugam
Written by Nolan Sykes
Directed by Jesse Wood

Up to Speed is a weekly automotive history show about the best cars, brands, designers, drivers and influencers ever. Host James Pumphrey covers everything from the Toyota Supra to the Chevy El Camino, The VW GTI to the Subaru WRX. The origins of every car will be uncovered to get you Up to Speed..

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bzykolo bzyq
A4 Frank
Kaden Rosser
KR are my initials 🙂
Saileen? I think that’s how you spell it lol
Alex cordova
"Mo powah baby" shirts and stickers please!!!!!!!! Fun fact, I literally have everyone at work saying that now. I work at a Ford dealership and everytime a Mustang rolls in the shop we all say it.
Danny Johnson
This is the video I just completed with some little know info on the “forged” so they call them rods
Tim Nichols
So glad I found this channel. The humor is so creative and engaging. Trolls gonna troll but don’t ever let them convince you to tone down your humor. Good stuff.
Jesus Borja
LOL mustangs are aweful
The mustang video you did you forgot to add the boss mustangs
I still like the old one better.
Chalanda Gibson
Mo powa baby
imagine being the guy who drove that red mustang in the beginning and then watching this video and seeing that scene as the intro 😂😂😂😂
Gabriel Dela Cruz
I remember the car of my MLP persona/ponysa. It's a reproduced 1967 Shelby GT500 named Eleacorn and was also said to be a "stock car on the freeway" in the story for having an inspiration from the NASCAR.
Big Monay
lmao Knight Rider!! I cant stop laughing.
Rogue Roger
Do the monte carlo
Albert Tsaplagin
Phillip Harper
Love the hat bro!!! #DTC
KR in stands for King of the Road if I'm not wrong.
Or i am dumb and didn't catch this in video
Peter Marino
You forgot to mention that the 2007-2010 GT500 had a cast iron 5.4 while 2011-2012 changed it up to a cast aluminum 5.4
The One True Bomp
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2013 Shelby GT500: Regular SHELBY GT500 - Everything You Need 2 months ago   11:36

The Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 is a review of excess. This car doesn't need to exist. No one needs it. It is reDUNKulous fast.