SHELBY GT500 - Everything You Need 2013 Shelby GT500: Regular 1 week ago   15:26

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The GT500 is one of Carroll Shelby’s greatest creations: A Ford Mustang with the heart of the GT40 Le Mans racer! Join James as he explores the long history of the original buff horse, from the 427, 428 Police Interceptor, to the 428 Cobra Jet and beyond!

Hosted by James Pumphrey
Edited by Colby Mann & Spencer Huff
Animation by Raghav Arumugam
Written by Nolan Sykes
Directed by Jesse Wood

Up to Speed is a weekly automotive history show about the best cars, brands, designers, drivers and influencers ever. Host James Pumphrey covers everything from the Toyota Supra to the Chevy El Camino, The VW GTI to the Subaru WRX. The origins of every car will be uncovered to get you Up to Speed..

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Luis Alarcon Alarcon
Hey guys can you do a video of Toyota glanza or starlet
Jhon Leguizamo
Thanks for consider your latin followers
Vaibhav Sharma
Hey, do one everything you need to know about peugot or a ds7 crossback
Joshua Szeto
If Toyota's claim is true, the 2020 Supra does 0-60 quicker than the 2005 Ford GT500 while having 165hp less than the Ford. Commence flame war.
GT 5 HUNDY!!! Love my Shelby, wouldn’t trade it for anything!
This guy looks like a day drinker.
I Drive A Honda
SRT8 or SRT!!!! Please
That Lost Kid
@Donut Media you should do a @Saleen video
Mohammad Al Fattal
can you please make more about mercedes cars ?
Do Lexus IS 300
Justin Smith
1 horsepower = 5.25 zoom dogs
I’d go after the half tire if I didn’t have a whole one
Ben mastro
Im so dead with the opening LOL
Stuff stuff and More stuff
PicNic Productions Gaming
Neil Campion
I feel like Donut couldn't have picked a better host for Up To Speed. The script, editing and James' charisma work so well together to make one of the most entertaining automotive series on YouTube.
soccerlife for eva
4 days before the release of the 2020 shelby
Keith Freeman
These need to be shorter.
Ethan Sellers
Do a video on Hennessy performance engineering
Daniel Boyd
MOH POWAH BABEH shirts need to be a thing immediately. #buffhorses on the back. I will buy, please take my money
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2013 Shelby GT500: Regular SHELBY GT500 - Everything You Need 1 week ago   11:36

The Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 is a review of excess. This car doesn't need to exist. No one needs it. It is reDUNKulous fast.