People Who Got CAUGHT Shoplifting! Try Not To Say WOW Challenge ... (IMPOSSIBLE) 2 days ago   12:40

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Reacticorns React to: People Who Got CAUGHT Shoplifting
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Maggie Rose
The voice over is because this guy who owns a gas station always makes funny voice overs of the people who steel from there and posts them you should do a whole video on him he the best😂
Ginny Luna Granger
Thieves steal "secretly"
Robbers take things from you violently
Hugo Munoz
One time a robber broke into my car and stole nothing but the trash in our car TO ROBBER :THANK I REALLY DIDN'T WANT TO CLEAN THE CAR SO THANKS😆😆😆
Yuni Carotte
Hello! I love Reacticorns sooo much 😍😍!
When I was in 3rd grade a kid in my class wanted to be a shoplifter😂
Mask Master
Note to readers: never leave a back in a car or any thing in the car
JJ_THE Unicorn princess
The first one and the one with the pouch are in South Africa : the first one is in the western cape/Cape town : the second one is in Gauteng / Johannesburg 😊 I know because I live in South Africa 😁😃😄
Norma Rivera
Wassup! Btw this was so funny!!❤❤
Galaxy Gamer
I don't understand why ppl steal, not worth it
Galaxy Gamer
4:05 Mary poppins handbag? Pffff no need , she got endless pant storage
Galaxy Gamer
Geeze how much cheese does she need?
Heather McIntire
I meant over 85 million views
Heather McIntire
React to wafflepwn greatest freak out ever, that video has over 35 million views!!!
Little Mae
LOL while I was watching this video I was also playing a game and you have to run a store and (retail tycoon in Roblox) and everytime someone took something off the shelf I would think they were a robber (there are robbers in that game)
GymRuthie 09
My dad caught someone shoplifting in Walmart
Jessabelle Dawn
Mice are actually lactose intolerant.
So don’t give mice cheese kids!
( 1:25 )

My “Shoplifting” Story :
So we were at the one and only ‘TARGET’ and my sister was in the make-up sections. This happened during the time where plastic bags were banned and we had to use reusable ones. So she was looking for a foundation and found the perfect one and then put it into the bag. After we looked around the store and decided that we were done shopping and ready to pay, it turns out that there was a little flap at the bottom of the bag and the foundation was underneath so we didn’t see it. So we ended up not paying for a sorta expensive foundation and later found out when we were looking for through the bag.
I don’t know if this is shoplifting but it happens like last!
Ayana Muhammadh
If ur doing a video on something someone has already done u should do a thumbnail that is original
Rosario Medina
People are just so dumb to think that there are no security cameras...
I believe they get the lisense plate to ban the people from the gas station. Those people cant buy gas or enter the store anymore. Years ago my boyfriend worked at a gas bar and people have to pay ahead of time. The face and lisence plate are used to deny service to those people. Friends of the thief are guilty by association :p
Mermaid Queen
When I was 5 I shoplifted
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Try Not To Say WOW Challenge ... (IMPOSSIBLE) People Who Got CAUGHT Shoplifting! 2 days ago   11:02

Try Not To Say WOW Challenge ... (IMPOSSIBLE)

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