They wanted to run my 1,000hp Mustang... Cop did not have a chance(Springfield IL) 1 day ago   11:15

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Remington Bundt
Love your videos when you race I wanna see you race with the 405
Remington Bundt
The e85 probably caused build up on the throttle body
d j
U need a mechanic
Michael Garvey
It’s a gmc
Replace throttle body. It has failed
Sal Padilla
where did you get that steering wheel at?
speedy 1ne
Juan Gonzales
I prefer old school cars because there's no problem that you can't figure out ,and work around. New car are more efficient, but also more expensive ,and complicated to fix.Old school cars are cheaper to modify, and repair.
Peter Rod
label your video properly roll race is not a race. 1000 hp power is irrelevant when you roll race. my piece of shit 1.4 Chevy trax does 122 mph on a roll, 140 HP. roll race is for cars with zero cojones. my opinion. sorry. roll race has its place i guess with guys that beginning get into cars but can't tune up a car to save their lives. then they graduate to drag racing, is all good!
Luis / Dakill Kustom Garage
" Just a 6 "? Where's the 6 cilinders?
xLotto Tv
I just raced these two
anything from 2008 and up JUNK....u buy a brand new truck for 50.000 and u spend 10.000 in the ship dont buyy new
Jamerson Savant
That's one bad ass s197
Joshua mynatt
that thing sound good
Frankie S
Wat can GoPro you use? Please let me know thanks
Big K
I enjoy all if your videos and thank you for sharing. Is there any chance I can ask if you figured out what was going on with your D-Max? Why was it going into LIMP MODE? I'm grateful for your time.
Well they probably thought you'd just break down or, slide into a crowd. Lol
Tuner Joe
race starts at 6:01 incase you get bored of watching that intro
Here in New Zealand, the cops are starting to prosecute (take them to court) people who record themselves driving over the speed limit and post it of YT. It's just a matter of time til same happens your side. Watch out.
mark arnold
Illegal street racing real smart I hope you all crash and die
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Cop did not have a chance(Springfield IL) They wanted to run my 1,000hp Mustang... 1 day ago   04:41

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