They wanted to run my 1,000hp Mustang... He asked to race my Mustang and it ended 1 day ago   11:15

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Omar Hernandez
S550 has a lot of fucking money in it to pull on that ctsv like that in the first run
Jaime Rego
Broooo queer pasa
bat man
Woow...Ford Baby yeahhh...bitches
Robert Beene
Yea I speak Spanish.....queer pasta
Man those Spanish lessons are really paying off
Cody Lawellin
Had that happen a couple times then I pop the hood an saw the air intake came disconnect
Logan Bachman
I think they had a blower explosion
Markiplier Markiplier
6:23 mf sounded like R2-D2 😂😂😂
Next time u wanna drain any excess power in the car or truck to do a “hard reset” . after disconnecting the battery touch the 2 terminals together for more then 2 minutes. It drains down all the capacitors in the modules of the vehicle .doing so can sometimes fix odd intermittent electrical problems.
Ethan de Groot
Love that blur on the speedo
Bill Bachman
Probably not gonna see this but do you use any radar detectors when racing and if so which ones? And what have you done to the mustang mod wise?
Jeffrey Williamson
lol that's me in the tt
Good chance you duramax is running out of fuel and limping while pulling the trailer. Unless you already have a limp pump get one. Could also be fuel pressure plug.
Scoobs Shrooms
The truck be like... I DONT WANNA DIE TOO YOUNG!! at the beginning lol haha 😂
All I’m seeing is Fords and GM having issues 😉
Marc Mckenzie
See Manual? He’s in Mexico
The napkin was like “please use me”
Eyad Mohamed
I felt like I was watching a need for speed gameplays lmao 😂
cf mechanic
Need to disconnect negative
Davion Spiller
Plz go to the next tx2k
yeah check the positive cable on the battery and the power cable that connects to the fuse box my previous car had a similar issue. fixed by replacing the washer on the fuse box power cable.
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He asked to race my Mustang and it ended They wanted to run my 1,000hp Mustang... 1 day ago   13:38

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