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This third cartoon focuses on the challenges linked to coastal tourism, which can produce harms coastal habitats and biodiversity, resources and our own well-being.

It is part of a series of animations produced in the H2020 project ResponSEAble. It aims to illustrate how the project’s approach to knowledge helps understanding human-ocean relations as basis to become responsible for our oceans, in particular: (a) the policies and human activities (Drivers) that put Pressures on marine ecosystems; (b) the problems that these pressures cause for the quality (Status) of marine ecosystems, and for the ecology and the fauna and flora and human activities that depends from these ecosystems (Impacts and Wellbeing); and (c) the actions and policies that can be proposed for solving the problems (Responses).

Being an illustration of the proposed approach, the cartoon presents the issues in a caricaturist manner. By no means, the cartoon provides the full picture of reality, an element to keep in mind when displaying the cartoon to different audiences.

The information and views set out in this cartoon are those of the authors of the cartoon. They do not reflect any official position of the European Union, nor the views of all partners of the ResponSEAble project.

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Harriss Jung
hi its school
Pernan Goñi
Help us to disseminate this video, to make society aware about ballast waters and alien species. The video is free, you can use it as educational material, as well as to comment with your friends and relatives. Make people responsible about nature
Angel Borja
this is our new cartoon raising awareness on costal tourism problems, but explore our two previous cartoons on ballast waters/alien species and microplastics
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COMO FAZER MAQUETE - CACHOEIRA Coastal Tourism: ResponSEAble European 1 day ago   07:54

Aprenda a fazer a vegetação aqui:
a partir 2:33m
- A cardboard box for the base.
- White glue and newspaper
- Translucent silicone adhesive
- Hot glue (translucent colorless)
- Vegetation (link in presentation)
- Little stones
- PVA Craft Ink
- Colorless Stained Glass for Crafts

- Uma caixa de papelão para a base.
- Cola branca e jornal
- Adesivo de silicone translúcido
- Cola quente (translúcida incolor)
- Vegetação (link na apresentação)
- Pedrinhas
- Tinta para artesanato PVA
- Verniz Vitral incolor para artesanato