Amsterdam on bicycle Walking in Palu ( Indonesia) 2 days ago   1:33:07

keezi walks

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Griva Ivana
I just love so much riding a bike, and I am dreaming to see this scene with so many bikes on the streets of my town...I am thinking how to persuade people around me to start transportation by bike, because I am one of rare that are moving every day just by bike. And we have also the hills and beautiful places around the city in the middle of nature, mountains on just 15km from the city center. Sincerely, that nature I see at list once a week here in Nis in Serbia, seems much more interesting than in Amsterdam, we just don't have so much cycling trails, but any way I am riding a bike every where in the town and through the surrounding villages.
Jon Claerbout
It would be educational and fun to see a map of where you went.
Jürgen Kamprath
Ich habe eine Sportkamera 50 €, die macht doppelt so gute Bilder. Nach 90 Minuten wechsle ich den Akku und dann geht es weiter!
Elga Elena Fajardo
Gracias! Me encantó.Te felicito, muy lindos lugares y buen recorrido. Gracias.
jose young
Bicicleta é um meio de transporte cansativo mas saudável
yaracy saboya
Gratidão por seus vídeos.
É com imenso prazer que faço ,através dos vídeos, excelentes viagens.🙏
lonzo 23
Que lindo
Henrique motolla
Hello, could you please make a video in Maringá, considered the best city to live in Brazil? thank you
Aumprakaash Bholwani
What happened? where r u keezi ? Why not upload new vdo? How r u ? GOD bless you...!💐
Erdogan Budak
We wait a new video.. See you..
Street Walks
Great stuff!
khaleader ThePro
change the camera please , the quality of 1080p looks like 144p
goodman happyman
Amsterdam çok güzel bir şehir. ( The Amsterdam is very good city. ) hello from İstanbul in Turkey
Baas Kees C. , groetjes uit DenHaag.
This is a nice ride....will do it in '19.I wish from time to time the street names were mentioned in order to get view to follow on Google map
What is the camera use this
Axel Lumpi
What a beautiful city
Marty Gray
I love this vlogger's style; showing scenary; no comments; and LOL, no e-begging!
This video is better to watch at 2x speed
Lu Mes
Hello Keezi, Amsterdam is very beautiful. Greetings from Brazil. Success always.
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Walking in Palu ( Indonesia) Amsterdam on bicycle 2 days ago   1:22:07

Palu is a chartered city on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, 1,650 kilometers (1,030 miles) northeast of Jakarta, at the mouth of Palu River. It is the capital of the province of Central Sulawesi of a long, narrow bay. Because of its sheltered position between mountain ridges, the climate is unusually dry.