Donald Trump spotted entering 10 Most Unbelievable Gold Diggers 2 months ago   00:28

The Independent
En-route to another Make America Great Again rally in Minnesota, president Donald Trump was filmed boarding Air Force One with what appears to be toilet paper stuck to his shoe.

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I'm sure that's happens to Trump more than few times a week , media just lucky to have caught it tape once .
Shiv Om Tat Sat
excellent piece of shit news
clark billy
Hugh Janus
He had a crafty wank in the limo
Spin this one FOX.😉😆
Hobo Hound
It's pretty bad when the only news to report on is toilet paper on President shoe because this reporter's having SHIT ideas
Mike Jones
Is that toilet paper or is it the U.S Constitution?
free man
The job isn't done until the paperwork📰 is finished. We can only hope America will persevere.👍🤠🇺🇸
Tony Kibbie
Seriously? That is the best you can do for news? I would suggest you kick it up a notch. Go to the next local PTA meeting and stand outside the restrooms. That should provide you with a treasure trove of juicy slop to put into your next YouTube video. Geez! What a bunch of gas-brained losers!
carcar jinks
"hey, watch this! i'm gonna put tp on my shoe and see how those stupid reporters react!"
trump doing what he does best:
trolling the media
Mr Jones
To all you Drumpf fan club members...of fucking course this isn't important news. It is however funny as hell because no one on his staff gives enough of a shit about the orange whack-o to point it out to his sorry ass. And Trump is too fucking fat to see it. THAT's what's funny. Classless orange turd with shit paper on his shoe.
Lily & Razfarr Sungkono
Its a McDonald’s napkin
Kent Krueger
Really? Is that all you got?
Oh God.
Having some Trump stuck to him must be so embarrassing to that papers Family.
I always check my shoes before going out of a public restroom.🚽
Mary Mccarson
God bless him....MAGA !!!! WWG1WGA !!!!!
Wesley Collins
When Democrats crap on everything you can't help to get a little bit on your shoe Go Go Power Rangers
That's Malaria's love letter from Africa 😂😂😂
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10 Most Unbelievable Gold Diggers Donald Trump spotted entering 2 months ago   06:37

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