Fareed: North Korea played Psychiatrist: Trump Pre-Dementia & Cognitive 2 days ago   07:21

CNN's Fareed Zakaria reacts to North Korea test firing several short-range projectiles from the country's eastern coast, according to South Korean officials. #CNN #News

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brian bowes
something has to push us to WW 3 NUKE WAR. And just look whats happening on the world scene. The DEMOCRATS want war with Russia and RUSSIA will blast us with our own URANIUM that Clinton sold them
brian bowes
yah and its going to BLOW UP right in their faces. You morons had better start reading the BIBLE.cuz its on us.
From the north korea perspective it makes sense to keep the nukes. I mean Kim knows if he give up he will end up like Saddam or Ghadaffi.
Maybe stop meddling in other countries like nk, Iran, Venezuela etc. And if you go to war makes sure Bolton will be on the first line of attack.
Cosmic Wonderhoof
Have they considered the idea of the money bomb

Edit: ok so maybe I should explain, *what this is* is the extensive bombing of North Korea with counterfeit versions of it's *own currency* 💴 Which is the *North Korea Won* . Well, planes drones balloons would all *rain down* North Korea Won, over every city and commune. With *
the sudden excessive growth of money, everyone would be able to afford things, and as such *price levels for goods and services would increase* and this would be a rapid and countinuous process. As times goes on the *North Korean Won would lose it's value* . This would cause panic the people would start ridding themselves of this rapidly *devaluing local currency* . They would quicky spend any money they receive, which in turn causes more *acceleration in prices* . This creates an imbalance between the supply and demand of the money. At some point, the *North Korean Won would essentially become worthless* , and the *entire population* would be forced to use more *stable currenies* like the Us dollar, the Chinese Yuan, and the Euro. The value of economic items remains stable for these relatively stable for these *foreign currenies* . The country will have no choice now but to accept its wide spread use, wether legally or otherwise. As a result, *North Korea would become dependent on foreign Banks and foreign trade* , more than ever. And this is *leverage* that the *outside world* can use against them. Because, what's the most *important thing to Kim Jong-un* ? His weapons of mass destruction, because it *ensures his survival* . Now he's not going to be able to *pay for the missles parts and bomb-making technology* with his own currency anymore, it now has to be with foreign currency. So, he's gonna have to earn foreign currency to *pay* for all of it.Not to mention the dollar s and Yuan he would need to pay his own people, to stave off *rebellion and worker strikes* . So, North Korea's international businesses model includes slave labor, trafficking of drugs, trafficking of conterfeit goods, the sale of coal and timber, the sale of weapons, and interest payments from Chinese banks. Now, once there funds dry out it's pretty much *game over* . Kim Jong-un would *not be able to sustain reign of terror* . He would *lose control over the country, and, even over the elite party's* . The wealthy and powerful would be frantically shifting their money, their savings, into foreign currenies and into overseas accounts. These funds, would then be susceptible to sanctions. *Support amoung elites would fade, he would have less and less to offer them* . He would *lose all that he needs to stay in power* . The development of nukes and other weapons would be put on ice *Kim Jong-un would likely be dethroned* . And all of this, would be *thanks to a wonderfully executed plan called the money bomb*

Thank you if you read this also, heck if this doesn't work then just wait until the *heart attack takes them out* .
hussin said
YES, Russia and North Korea played Trump blatantly
Charmaine Goulbourne
Pride and ego is the most dangerous of any human being. Its just so... Sad! Me Me Me I along can do this. No human being on the face of this earth alone can themself do it all. We are not God and we will never be God. God alone who Can do everything. He hate pride. When one put himself above GOD that allow him / she to breath you are saying I can do everything on my own I can fix things mess of the world by myself I alone can fix things. And we don't rest on God asking Him to be our strength and for His leading. He will allow you to do and see how far you get on your own. We are nothing with out God. He author our lives and He finishes it. GOD alone can do everything.
Dennis S
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Freed is behind in facts here...Russia didn’t do any colluding..it was DNC and Hillary dude.
1 looper
fucking liberals.......USA have right to interfere in other countries because USA is a democracy but Iranian regime or Russians regime or Chinese regime is not a democracy, So they don't have right to interfere in other counties.
Aftab Alam saudi
I love all American people.

I love all Saudi people.

I love all Saudi Prince.

I don't like Pakistan people.

02 03 04 06 10 14 17 19 23 12 Thief.
Edward Williams
Boycott this shit
Edward Williams
CNN is fake news
Edward Williams
Don lemonturd is fake news
Al sidiq Abdullahi
Master of fake news.
Dennis Hassler
Fareed lost all respect, because he's no longer his own man. He sold out to the FAKE News Media. His narratives no longer have any substance - he just jointed the Trump haters for pocket change.
John Dalecki
This is the worse journalist of the year, Don lemon, who is the worse journalist of the year!
Mark Anthony
Mark Anthony
Dougie Gelati
A messenger from god , god bless us
Dutchies Holland
It’s all about the pee pee tapes...
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Psychiatrist: Trump Pre-Dementia & Cognitive Fareed: North Korea played 2 days ago   14:55

--Dr. John Gartner, psychiatrist, founder of Duty to Warn, and co-editor of the book "Rocket Man: Nuclear Madness and the Mind of Donald Trump," joins David to update us on what he sees are the accelerating cognitive decline and mental state of Donald Trump

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Broadcast on March 12, 2019