Obama's best 2016 jokes Ellen's Tribute to the Obamas 4 months ago   08:50

CBS News
The president took aim at a few contenders for the White House during the annual meeting of Hollywood and Washington elites.

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I like him
Don Freas
When President Trump is gone it will be like You were never Here.....
Nycbestman Nycbestman
nmkaspr Kasprowicz
I don't agree with his politics all of the time, but the humor is GREAT
The biggest joke of obama was himself, he was the biggest joke of them all!
huckle berry
Watch Tom Fitton on judicial watch. His days are numbered. Spying. Lying. Headed for prison with hillary
And now you Americans have trump. You must be so proud
Try not to laugh....Ha Ha......not funny?
Sara Perryman
I miss President Obama
Obama stand up comedy?
Diego Weissel
1:19 i didnt get this joke
(I saw) (satan) (fall) (like) (lightning) (from) (the heights) ra'ah satan naphal 'aher baraq o bamah

I don't know how more blatantly obvious things can be, man you peeps are so deceived, laughing with him, Barack Obama the Antichrist.
Esteban Grijalva
this man needs to be a comedian
Thank God Hussein is gone! Go back to Kenya! Stay there!!
Sorry - We still need him!
iseejanuarie1788 UNHL217A3
Ethiques Dans Le Reciprocite
Take Your Modz
Elon musk at 2:04
Dian Whyte
Dante Bond
8:41 - Yes please.
Dante Bond
Trump is here-HOLY SH*T he is!
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Ellen's Tribute to the Obamas Obama's best 2016 jokes 4 months ago   05:24

To commemorate President Obama's last day in office, Ellen took a look back at some of her favorite moments with President Obama and the First Lady.