I'm With Kennedy For Our Puppy... (She DDG SAYS HE MISSES KENNEDY (GETS 1 day ago   13:11

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PontiacMadeDDG VLOGS
Raptors in 5
Mari Nation
I’m watching BET why I peep DDG in the back oh someone 🤣
Sneakah Closet
This nigga high asf
Therealchynadoll TV
Yo talking to Alexa..calling her siri .
Therealchynadoll TV
DDG high as hell in this video .
Lovhare Brown
“ why ain’t nobody hyping me up🤣”I was over whylin
T.O was snappin fasho 😂🔥
LuLu Chan
*stop STOP...before I whoop you*
LuLu Chan
This boy gay 😂 jokes
Life_of_Kaydyn !!
When he kept say hey Siri my Siri was answering 😂😂 dead ass 😂😂😂
Im AnOnYmOuS
“ stop before I whoop you. Yeah... The fuck I thought”😂🤣🤣🤣
WideOpen Videos
Bro I don’t know why I’m just now watching this but damn Kennedy a whole bitch😂
Name of the beat at the end?
Sierra Pascal
Ddg u eat pussy??? Wow that's why Kennedy can't leave you alone.. Congrats my nigga
Nakiya Lloyd
Did you see them smiling at each other yes
Diamo 21
Ddg is happy
Victoria Walker
Them teeth🥰🥰🥰🥰
Destiny Taylor
Tbh :y’all this man cocky asf 💯

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DDG SAYS HE MISSES KENNEDY (GETS I'm With Kennedy For Our Puppy... (She 1 day ago   20:32

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