Russell Westbrook, Jazz fan share Kevin Durant vs Russell Westbrook 2 days ago   03:55

Oklahoma City Thunder All-Star Russell Westbrook sheds light on the altercation he had with Utah Jazz fans and has no regrets about how he handled the situation. Jazz fan Shane Keisel's assessment of the altercation is much different that Westbrook's and is upset Russ threatened his wife.
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Comments 7086 Comments

noitall man
Both of them are idiots. Fan is a piece of trash who should know better than to scream at NBA players, especially racist crap [no doubt he did that]. Fan should have been tossed out for even trying to talk to the players in a confrontational way. Russell needs to have enough emotional stability to avoid getting sucked into a back and forth with a fan about anything. Simply go to the security and ask them quietly to remove the fan, problem solved, but that takes emotional balance and maturity, which he has neither.
Fun Fact: One of the symptoms of to much inbreeding in a gene pool is a persons eyes being to close together. (You can look it up yourself). Now look at the hairy albino monsters eyes while he stands there and lies in front of the world.
You would think that self titled "white" people would get tired of being the global face of racism at some point.
Nick-E Nicole
Sir maybe basketball is not for you lol
Drew Minatti
This guy is 100% of cowardly abusive sports fans - they can't stand behind their words when confronted. They love the safety and anonymity of the crowd.
Bad Cholesterol
"boy" is racist now. Lmao Westcuck
The Real Kisht
russ lied.
Seabass Cribel
That “fan” is such a phony. Props to Westbrook for sticking up for himself.
Hanks Notes
You’ve never fought a fan? You’re humble? What about when you hit that phone out of someone’s phone out of their and? You are full of crap Russel.
Gomer Gilligan
open season on SHANE KIESEL - dead man walking
Imagine Westbrook and Artest and Rodman on this team
These white supremacist get more and more emboldent everyday. I notice this shit 🤔🤔🤔
No criminal will admit to their mistakes.
This guy is clearly liar on the black code russle knows better
Kevin Phillips
Yeah russel u full of crap! Very classless use your platform in different way imature proffesional acts like a spoiled brat and sore loser! Go get more excuses russel..
It's always the hairy albino monsters running their mouths.
MirandaAB Basketballs and Trucks
Being an athlete pays alot and those fans are one immature blasters. These athletes train 24/7 to feed their family and their the ones being beated up.
Futuristictpa Yt
“Black is in fashion ladies and gentleman.” This time the whole state of Utah is apart of the auction. How scary is that?
Eric Clapton
Dat white jazz dude cappin i mean u can hear it in his voice and russell wouldnt be jokin playin wit fans anyway ESPECIALLY in UTAH so yeah he lying dat shit sad he prolly dnt even like basketball for real
Andrew Park
"Didn't say a single swear word. Not one." How about a racial taunt? Were a couple of those thrown around? Dumbass piece of white trash
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Kevin Durant vs Russell Westbrook Russell Westbrook, Jazz fan share 2 days ago   09:22

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