Nancy Pelosi incredible winning Democrat, GOP leaders speak after 2 days ago   27:42

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Nancy Pelosi Incredible winning speech on election to house leader #SpeakerPelosi

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this old hag has nothing to offer our country, except for obstruction and destruction. Lead of your democrats thugs and your braindead followers straight to hell.
Patrick Naera
I used to kiss my son goodnight and always prayed that God Bless America 🇺🇸 I knew then what I still know now that We need you to be strong ✌️🔥From New Zealand 👊 ❤️
Lobsang Jinpa
I'm very happy today. Congratulations to Nancy Pelosi. You are great.
Many triggered Trumpanzees in America today.
Real M
Look at the Deplorable treasonous GOP members, sitting quietly when Pelosi offers cooperation and opening of the government.
They are supporting the criminal orange traitor, because he STILL has the support of the ignorant inbred racist white trash America, aka 90% of the Republican voters. Party and self-interest over the country. That is the treasonous GOP for you.
Carl Sparks
Underwhelming and uninspired. I didn’t realize losers got second chances.
XOXOXOXOX.....a REAL American. If donnie and his v should have an accident, a bolt of lighting, runaway garbage truck, indictments served, this IS the 'fighting lady' that would lead US to 2020. Let US hope for the best. Is the correct title Ms., Mrs. or Madame President?
Real M
First order of the day:

1. Hang the criminal orange traitor
2. America will take care of his ignorant inbred racist white trash treasonous Deplorable lesser kind base
3. Then comes the rest: his thieving treasonous white trash family, his corrupt admin, treasonous GOP, 24/7 lying FOX and the likes of far-right scum,

But the greatest danger among them all is the 35% of DEEPLY ignorant racist backward subhumans, aka the Deplorable. America MUST take care of this danger to the nation and humanity ONCE AND FOR ALL.
This will be the best kind of bipartisan work to better America :)
I don't think donnie is going to like this nanny at all! -no!no!no! donnie not like nanny Nancy!
this is the dumbest comment section i've ever seen. thumbs down. booooo to all of you
Calipornia gives head !
Trump " I don't understand one word of this, but ssshhh, not gonna tell anyone. I'll just pretend I am smarter and fool everyone. "
Your LAME DUCK HOUSE don't worry Donald J. Trump the Greatest President
this nation has ever had the Honor and Privilege to elect into office
has done and will continue to do the greatest job any President in
history!!MSM has lost the fake opposition to President Trump battle!!
Real Americans and President Trump are being heard LOUD AND CLEAR !!
Schumer and Pelosi will bow to the tower of power TRUMP POWER !!
Democrat ENVY for POTUS is pathetic !!
Jorge Diaz
Why God is punishing America?
very strange and creepy person .
Silurian Xx
It's amazing how people can hold completely different perspectives on this appointment. Nancy Pelosi prides herself on two things, the amount of money she raises for the democratic party and the fact that she gets things done. I see no evidence of the latter in terms of any policies that are important to progressives and with regard to the former she is actually taking pride in being the most corrupt politician on the left in America as money in politics is nothing more than legalized bribery.
lean forward
Congratulations Nancy.. I know we have a pretty young house and the Dems wants a young leader but lets just pause for a moment and think about this. When Trump and his Trumplicans finally get kicked out, we will need an experienced leader to pickup the pieces and allow our dim light to shine brightly again. Nancy will handle Trump as long as the Dems got her back.
Yve Parizz
*She is WOMAN hear her ROAR, CONGRATULATIONS MADAM SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI 🙏🙋* And to all the Democrats in the House of Representatives. Thank God for the ADULTS in the House! Now, let's get down to brass tacks. Open up the government and pay the employees. But most importantly, start impeachment proceedings on that mole planted in the People's House named donald trump. WE THE PEOPLE are watching all of you. Thank you and Congratulations 👏👏👏👏
Vato Loco
Blue Wave is real believe or not
Justin Credible
And now... the end is near.... Bye bye Forrest Trump!
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Democrat, GOP leaders speak after Nancy Pelosi incredible winning 2 days ago   11:15

President invites top congressional leaders to the White House for a briefing on border security. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy are expected to attend.

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