Bill Burr Loves The College Bill Burr - Motherhood Isn't 2 days ago   01:59

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Bill Burr is tickled by the lengths that wealthy parents went to to get their "dumb" kids into college.

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Kevin Csehoski
Okay how tf did he go to oj😂
Jeff Jones
I love Bill Burr. I agree O.J. was a great running back
Jamie Sinclair
It’s a bit funny to find out Burr thinks those kids paid to get in but didn’t pay to have their work done too 😂
jared seels
Thats Like Buying A Superbowl Ring And Saying You Played And Won A Ring.
No. You just Bought It. AND THATS WHAT THOSE RICH PRICKS DID. Hahaha They Didnt Go To Class.
jared seels
Um No Bill... hahhaa they didnt pass... they didnt even go to class.... they just got automatic A's because they paid for them. Hahahhaha duh
"I still watch OJ Simpson highlights". I still listen to Michael Jackson songs.
No. Don't kid yourself that Harvard or Yale are the same as any other college. They are on a different planet to any other college. They interview to look for that extra something, for people who have a certain spark that others don't have. The other thing they look for is humility. You'll rarely find students from Harvard or Yale who don't downplay their intelligence, they are full of humility. It sets them apart. Anyone who's had a boss who attended either of those universities will know what I mean, they have belief in everyone and are extremely motivational. Don't go thinking Harvard is easy. It's anything but.
DominantCub 72
Americans think this guy is God. He's like an above average British comedian let's be honest. Funny! Don't get me wrong but British comedians are the funniest
Ian-Devon Lewis
Yeah that was not the betterment of Bill Burr interviews. Actually boring. He also kinda weird on connecting OJ situation to the school scandal. Usually hes alot sharper.
M.C. RiDdLa1
I sooo see myself in Bill and Norm. Norm is a guy who has a silly and dark humor, yet his morals and belief in God makes me love him that much more. Bill has his angry, sarcastic, and silly humor; yet tries to reserve judgement by giving people Benefit of the Doubt due to knowing he isn't perfect either. It Allows me to love and relate to him that much more.
Conan is a genius but doesn’t want to admit it
Richard Rauhecker
someone please reply to this: what's with Conan hair, he's 6'5" tall, with the hair he's over 7'
After OJ was taken in for murder (despite not being convicted), I can't see him in Naked Gun the same way - before the crimes he was a cute funny character in those movies. Nope. Bill Cosby, same way, can't watch his concert anymore, and seeing him as the father on a family show? Creepy.
Sandy Beach
I wonder how Conan can make his hair do what it does.
Mohammed Albehadli
What gets ppl about Burr is how comfortable he is. He sits there like he is sitting at a dinner table at home, telling jokes to his wife and kids.
Dean Hawkins
I am unironically in love with this man.
brian buttacavoli
bill, all your hair has migrated south of the border.
Trade Craft
why the hell is that "so you went to Harvard" so funny
That was the laugh of someone who was delighted that someone pointed out that they went to Harvard
Megan A.
Bill Burr's insane. Love him!
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Bill Burr - Motherhood Isn't Bill Burr Loves The College 2 days ago   08:22

#BillBurr disagrees with #Oprah on the difficulty of being a #mother , and explains how he ended up with a #pitbull while on tour.

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