Kingdom Hearts 3 (dunkview) Kingdom Hearts 3 - Final Boss 2 months ago   07:24

Finally, the conclusion to the saga. Except not really.

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i d o k n o w h u r t
MisAnthro Pony
This is seriously your worst video yet. The fact that you described Kingdom Hearts 3 as all flash and no substance shows that you payed no attention to it's mechanics or how it compared to other entries in the series. And even if this was done as a joke, it doesn't work because they're not funny. Most of the jokes in this episode are based on information that's factually incorrect.
4:14 "A heart can live anywhere. Even inside Data"

Data: "Huh?"
201 iq
I never new big yoshi could navigate a ship
D Bammstein
Nice to see this Autistic ass series getting roasted.
just a amateur
Replace the word darkness with bees, the game becomes a lot more interesting
I feel like me and Dunkey played completely different games, lol. Fucking loved it, one of my favorites from square
G1 Sunstreaker
I'll like the OG Organization 13 members no matter what game
NASA:Well sir if you want to work for nasa we need to know how high your IQ
Me: I understand and can explain the entire kingdom hearts story line
NASA: welcome aboard
Yhur Hurt
It's what happens when you wait over 10 f*ckin years to release a sequel. And I mean a proper sequel and none of that spin-off bullsh*t that no one played.
For real though they made the worst possible decision by banking on the story. If you did however understand the previous games this game was probably meant for you...
This might be a good spot to find some ingredients XD! Dang, Dunkey REALLY dislikes this game
It was all a dream
I've had some time to think this whole video (and KH3) over, and honestly, if there's ever a KH4, I'd like to see it *without* Disney. Clearly there's enough characters and plot in the KH universe that a story wants to be told there, but Disney is just sorta shoehorned in there reason other than 'Buy our movies and merchandise'. Imagine Kingdom Hearts, with the same sort of combat system, progression and characters, but without any of the 'Lets run around the Disney Worlds and meet all the Disney characters!'. What if it was focused on Sora, Riku and Kairi (Riku and Kairi filling in for Goofy and Donald)? What if you got to visit unique worlds instead of weirdly forced-in Disney ones? What if Kingdom Hearts moved away from a cutesy, anime-cartoony style and actually made the heartless seem *scary* or *threatening* instead of big, colourful, goofy messes?
R3TR0SP3CT 911
Dean Ersher
Walks into gas chamber
tHIS miGhT bE A GooD SPoT tO fInd sOmE INGreDiEnTs
The Great Fish
Underwater good spot to find some ingredients got me good
Chris Cutlip
I completely agree this gsme was so bad
Kers A HerpaFuqer
Only guy to have the balls to say it
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Kingdom Hearts 3 - Final Boss Kingdom Hearts 3 (dunkview) 2 months ago   1:21:21

This video shows all final boss fights vs Master Xehanort, Ansem and Xemnas in his different forms as well as all obtainable endings in Kingdom Hearts 3 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Secret Final Ending:

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