First Pics of Priyanka Chopra Kareena Insulted Priyanka For Getting 2 weeks ago   35:31

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Digambar Kamble
Wow I loved first photo
Aditya Patnaik
she looks so old
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Nisha Grg
Syed Dawdye
dayum....indian papparazi. lol.
Sketchbook Corner
Sketching Priyanka-Nick Wedding Picture:
OMG that random fan posing at 25:52 has me dyin 😂
Star Collection
Kya hua ab nahe hua love jihad .. kaha gayr vhp aur wo saley bajrang dal waley .. ab nahe dikhta kaha hua love jihad .. inki aukat nahe k yaha tak pohch k bataye ..
He’s going to enjoy that pussy
Dhruvi Patel
At 0:32 that old lady look like she screaming
Farhan Mairaj
maa lug rahi hey larkey ki
starsign Advertising
Bakwaas Jodi... Age Ka lihaaz bi nahi hai Priyanka ko
Bina Murtem
Dekna panch saal ke badh brackup hoga
Sarabjeet Kaur
Proud to be India.
Gulshan Kumar
What’s the background song."?does anybody knows
What's the big deal with her marrying Nick? What's wrong with him being a foreigner ? It's fine and secondly ....... Does it really matter if virushka or deepvir got married abroad ? No . It doesn't. So stop fucking hatin on Priyanka and Nick and stop hatin on deepvir and virushka or just fuck off
Siri Lalitha collections
priyanka you require beautiful
Aarohi Upadhyay
Priyanka ne foreign me bhi unke culture me shaddi kiya fir India me proud for that she and he respect our culture also love you both of them god bless you. And have a bright future.
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Kareena Insulted Priyanka For Getting First Pics of Priyanka Chopra 2 weeks ago   05:28

Kareena Insulted Priyanka For Getting Married with Nick

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