How to start a presentation How to open and close presentations? - Presentation 2 days ago   03:28

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How to start a presentation is just as important as the ending of one. The opening or beginning of your speech often determines how long the audience will “tune in” to your presentation. If you bore your audience right from the start, you already lost them. You need a strong intro or a strong opening line to grab the attention from the very beginning.

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Hussain Mohammad
Thank u very much madam
rajib sharma
This style really helps. I have started my presentation with a story and people loved it. Thank you.
Qeen Yumi
Thank youuuu
George Stratidiss
thank god mine is only 5 mins long...
Perfect... i like it
Hambali Lucida
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Rouvin Playfair
Why doesn't this video have more view??? Woww its very good!!
Gayani Champika
Very helpful
Fawad Ali Ali
I realy like your teaching method..
Fawad Ali Ali
Please Mam write down your good name....
Kanwal Sheikh
Thank u so much🤗
Kanwal Sheikh
You are fabbbbb ma'@am 😍😍😍
yohannes fikadu
"Focus on why question and tell them a story", interesting thank you!
T Lamule tube
it was good if u have given example
Noor Freoz
Thanks lady..
Asia Musa
Hi darling, I had my presentation last Monday 1st of April
It was only two but I was so nervous although I used your advice you’re really good teacher
big respect
Monika Bhuriya
Very nice
Thank u so much. Such a helpful video💗
Lydia Kabwe
Good one
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How to open and close presentations? - Presentation How to start a presentation 2 days ago   07:37

In this clip Mark Powell provides best practice tips for opening and closing presentations. Go to to learn more about Mark Powell's course.