1/5 RC Late Model Racing-Bodies By The Wildman Classic Open Wheel Spills, 5 months ago   24:50

MW Productions
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This is novice right?
Jeff Bryner
These are awesome because of tjere size but danm gas motors are slow lol the 1/8 scale versions at my track would stomp these lol
Spooky Devil
My uncle bob anderson built this track
Joseph Deffendoll
Clean up the track..... It needs to be smoother. Add some sand to the surface. You will gain more speed and faster in the curves. Put some dirt walls in the curves. The drivers are good just need warm up laps before race.
She gone😁
The track that i saw and recorded had a inside and outside wall
Chris McGuire
left front up hell yeah lol. yall need a hauler and wench the rcs up in it
slip it grip it grese it... slap it pap it n gap it..... land it loose it crash it.... sale it!!!!!
i liked shared subbed love it man
Ago Erickson
I love the idea of having an awesome time with the cars
running my class1 baja ATM.and have Trophy truck also.
PLEASE SOMBODY HELP.. who makes the bodies. i live in Canada and cannot get one..find some one to ship me one. i realy need help cuz i got everything but the lm and mod bods. made my own out of card board but nobody here can form to plastic for me.tried tin but its heavy. help me plz i wanna LM so bad.
Nice Demo Derby.
MW Productions
hey guys just an fyi dirt 1/5 scale rc racing coming to the channel soon!
where can you get the chassis and do they come with engines and radio transponder
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Classic Open Wheel Spills, 1/5 RC Late Model Racing-Bodies By The Wildman 5 months ago   04:44

Vintage/Classic Color video od Sprints and Roadsters Spills & Thrills footage