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The Secrets of Nature
Baja California stretches 750 miles southwards from its famous neighbour, the State of California. On either side of this narrow strip of land lie the rich waters of the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez. The peninsula, for the most part, is desert. Stark but beautiful, its raw landscape, naked rocks and giant cactus contrast with the crystal blue waters of the sea that surrounds it. Isolated from other deserts Baja and the Sea of Cortez are home to weird plants and unique creatures that evolved here coping with this most extreme of places. This is a rare opportunity to see the Boojum, for example, that looks more like a 10 meter high upside down parsnip than a true plant, the blue-footed boobies that each year perform their comical courtship or Lizards that eat flies so salty they would kill them, had they not enlarged nostrils with salt glands.

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Juan carlo Emigdio
Mexico 🇲🇽 beautiful
Julian Ronzon
In fact it´s the ORIGINAL California, the peninsula was called California in a beginning.
Ollie Lamb
Glenn Christie
Who on Earth was here 40 million years ago to record Baja being separated from “ANYWHERE”??? Isn’t there just a CHANCE that God made it that way??? God put the mole right where you found it. READ YOUR BIBLE... Get over this millions and billions of years ago... This earth and the universe were spoken into Creation just a little over 6200 years ago - - BY GOD — the One you will meet right after your last breath...
Xavier Flores
I didn't see credit to the narrator, anyone know his name?
Mr Nice Man
Weired exotic animals
HighStreet Killers
45:30 those lakes dried up because the mountains were formed by tectonic plates shifting and those mountains blocked the rain creating desert. Has nothing to do with temperature
They always got to show birds fucking like we don't know how they get offspring.
Shane mike
Alot of it looks like Arizona
Chuck Handcock
The Choya flower looks like Passion fruit.
Joseph Lee
Wow! What beauty and educational documentary on Baja. Nature never and ever cease to amaze the mortal beings. Thank you for sharing this fantastic video, The Secrets of Nature.
Morgan Olfursson
Once such a beautiful country , Until white people came and turned it into a shithole .
Peggy Jenkinson
I live in San Diego. I have explored "Baja". I even know the Boojum trees. I have watched sea lions and Dolphins catch waves and surf. But, I never knew of the collection of so many animals, birds, reptiles etc. I have been in mountains..but never looked for them. I have seen a few old missions. Some hardly had walls-unlike those in California. Don't forget Onyx mines.
Peggy Jenkinson
Every 7 minutes there is a commercial. # 1 was over 4 minutes.
da ace
its called Baja California, not "Baja"
Shane Baldwin
Why should the Thorn-Scrub of Sinaloa be under the control of cut-throats? Let the Anglo's in an we will cleanse your country.
Markus E
This video is overall great, except for their forcing the idea that evolution is real.
Shiroumx M
it´s called BAJA FUCKING CALIFORNIA.. damn
V Ashokkumar
such a nice video, with excellent camera and background sound. I love it..
Bor Neo
What's that,,? A snak with a hand?
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The Iron Forest - The Secrets of Nature Baja The Other California - The Secrets 1 day ago   49:09

The youngest of Austria’s national parks is also the country’s biggest continuous forest area. Ten million trees make the labyrinthine, fissured karst formations of the Reichraming and Sensen mountain ranges an endless green wilderness. But these mountain forests that were originally almost impenetrable lie in the midst of Austria’s iron industry. For more than a thousand years, it supplied the fuel for smelting iron from innumerable little mines in the region, especially from the Styrian Erzberg.