Top 100 Most LIKED Songs Of All Time Rihanna - Work (Explicit) ft. Drake 5 months ago   13:45

Top 100 Best Songs of All Time
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Was there an MJ cuz is there wasn't this has no point in being a vid
Damn I forgot that chainsmokers were a thing
Ivan Penga
Where is bitch lasagna
Dank Meme
When I didn’t find despacito in any spots 1-99 I screamed. “Dear lord if that’s first.”
Masal Akdeniz
H-o-w i-s D-e-c-p-a-c-i-t-o t-o-p 1?!!?!?! :v
Bts so overproud here,you're new student dude
TheReal 800K
RİP: Chester... (84-numb)
I've never heart only 7 songs of this video.
Godfrey Leung
thats funny that you put the world fastest rap and the slowest rap together (rap god 24, look what you made me do 23)
Rania Khan
Just here for ONE DIRECTION ❤❤❤❤😭😍😍

Diana paola Tapia
I knew the last one was gonna be a shity song sorry no hate I just don’t like it
Funny Games For Kids
ed sheran is the best
Matteo Gambacorta
Mary Grace Hoxit
I’m in amazement “baby” by Justin Bieber is number 10 🤨 I don’t know how I’d rather listen to my crazy aunt Janis yelling for 2 hrs straight
Vahag Hambardzumyan
fuck despacito!!!!!!!
Et les français bande de salope
SAD! Is now the 43rd most liked video on YouTube
78dont like em but it’s act good song
68 high sch disco be like
60 listen to when sad
57 just shit ..
54 best song I have ever heard
51 RIP ,loved it
50 great
49 all BTs is crap
45 annoyed me
41 evolved baby shark
36 school disco
34 suicide squad was good
31 is biggest meme song
30 think ur cool for singing it but ur a bit of a wet flannel
25 1 song wonder
24 took ages to learn lyrics and I’m still shit
20 love it
18 weird song that’s always in a school play lol
16 actually good
14 I probley sing it 2 times a day
11 good
10 fuck right off
9 fuck right off
7 school disco again
4 haha they can’t play it
2 RIP ,great film
1 blah blah
It's all wrong in this Video. Bohemian rhapsody have 932 Mio cliks
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Rihanna - Work (Explicit) ft. Drake Top 100 Most LIKED Songs Of All Time 5 months ago   03:50

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Rihanna - Work ft. Drake part 2

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