Elliott Abrams' Bitchin' Plan #passMJIA | Full Frontal with 3 months ago   08:56

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The situation in Venezuela is rapidly deteriorating, but Elliott Abrams is rebooting his Iran-Contra game plan from the 80s. Totally boss and/or incredibly frightening!

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Diego Silva
Venezuela is giving its oil to Cuba China and Russia. What if US is interested in it? We don’t want another invasion, we just want fair elections and restore democracy in our country. But this corrupt government is intimidating its people, they have the guns and all the power in the country.
usa has no right to talk about latinamerica after plan condor, so shut up
The Wiccan Witch Of The West
50 shades of Cody banks
David Powers
They have OIL , we will find problems..ohh not enough problems lets make some for them. 81% of Venezuelans have never heard of this nut job thats CIA trained puppet Guaido, hes like Americas Hillary Clinton ...only liked by the 1%.
Tzvi Krasner
Apparently, everything is forgivable if you are a white Republican.
Greg M
Now the Attorney General who ended the Iran-Contra investigation is now trying to make the Mueller investigation disappear.
Why do these monsters never receive the justice they deserve?
Excelsius Dei
Time for some American freedom
Jaime Sherrill
Maduro didn't steal the election
kirsten harvey
what a garbage human
Do what is done to dangerous, disease spreading animals?
Alejandro Kato
This wont be another Iraq. I am Venezuelan and we are ready to get rid of this nightmare.
Duncan Bleak
An excellent retelling of the history of a truly villainous individual.
Abrams is a living example.

"Evil is never satisfied".
Yoonis Guleed
He's onother fake Obama
Yseson _
Wag that dog
Corinna Leppin
"I hear the Hague is nice this time of year."
I'm confused this is the same show that bashes Tulsi Gabbard.... The anti-war candidate..... I'm glad she's putting a spotlight on this particular issue but.... I kinda wish she followed though with this type of rhetoric about other conflicts in the world.
Greg Grisham
Must reinstate the guillotine march n revolt become secound amendment n bare arms against antichrists traitorous churchville government holding us hostage n putting all the www666ville Reagan era EVIL in carnet -EVIL .No such thing as good in www666ville antichristville communist government holding our planet n people hostage. Must stop sick satanic Awhorican conartists antichrists TRAITOROUS government before to late
Matthew Corsaro
It's sad that sam b cant actually be funny w/o politics.
Ohi Johnson
Excuse me, just another day of screaming eternally into a pillow at the nightmare on repeat we seem to be living in. Like ya'll don't remember the Iran-Contra horrors of yesteryear? And now we have William Barr of infamous Iran-Contra days as Attorney General too. History is prelude, history repeat, there is only so many times history scholars and authoritarian regime experts can yell into the night about everything that is happening.
Eric Jones
Thanks to American sanctions they are starving.
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#passMJIA | Full Frontal with Elliott Abrams' Bitchin' Plan 3 months ago   06:58

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is reaching across the aisle to prevent military officers from reaching into their subordinates' pants. #passMJIA

The full interview with Senator Gillibrand coming soon!

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